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FALLING THROUGH THE CRACKS:  This first track off of the new CD, in Water's own words, "is about watching my friends falling through the cracks onto the darkside."  Download this file, and check this powerhouse out for yourself!

AND THE WAR GOES ON:  This second track deals the shear "madness of humanity, and the continued diappointment in humanity. It also concerns the personal battle for sanity from our environment."  This one is sure to blow you away!

YOU'RE NOT GOD:  For all you conspirisy freaks out, this third track is just for you.  "This is an anti 'New World Order' song, talking about the government thinking they're God....when they're not!"  Hence the name, "You're Not God!"

NOTHING:  This last song on the CD is exactly what the title says it is....."Nothing." Water says this song was more of an "abtract concept, based on pure attitude and hardcore energy."

WARNING: Some of the lyrics in the following songs are explicite, and may be offensive to some audiences.  If so, then don't listen!  No one twisted your arm to do it, so save the whining for someone else.  But if you can somehow find yourself able to rise above it all, then brother ...... crank up the volume and prepare yourself to be awakened!  Be warned, we take no responsibility for blown out computer speakers!

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