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I developed this software for my colleague who is an avid chatter. She is all the time chatting with various innocent souls around the day she came across this chatter who was giving very impressive dialogues about how every one on the Net is lying and giving wrong details about their own identity.

She said aloud..."I wish there was some software which could tell me which server the chatter has logged onto"...

That set me thinking...and I came up with RESOLVE!!

Resolve returns the Host name of any IP Address and vice-versa!!

She was ecstatic with the results!!....and is deliriously happy!!...

Hope you too like this software!!

Please feel free to make copies and share them with your friends.

I can under no circumstances be held responsible for any consequences
of your use/misuse of this program, whatever that may be (system crash,
get busted, world war, matrimony, divorce, sued for harassment,  poverty etc..)

Thanks to Aparna and Dileepan!!

Download here

If you have any problem in downloading it write to me, I will try to help.

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