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Angus Young - lead guitar
Malcolm Young - rhythm guitar
Brian Johnson - lead vocals
Cliff Williams - bass guitar
Phil Rudd - drums
Terry Zimmerman - big fan

The Best Rock and Roll Band in the World

My home page was built with love and much affection for the band AC/DC. This is my first attempt at building a web page that started in my garage back in 1995. I love this page and hope you will love it as well. God I really like this band.
AC/DC Rock n' Roll review

This is Bon Scott! I have the (like I really know) scoop on how he really and decide for yourself what you think really an interview he gave to a radio station before his on his picture!!!

I also have the actual e-mail letter that I sent to Angus (but he never saw it due to a bad lead from another webpage e-mail address) that might be a kick to read. He has changed his e-mail address since then (1995).

The best band in the world page has a story about my trip to San Jose to see the band and how it felt. It felt good!

I have a link to the web page that helped me find more information about the band..but it might be a dead link now. Who knows why?

There's a link to Netscape if you need plugins...I did before getting Windows 98.

I hope you like this's the first of many that I am going to do, so keep checking in to see the latest news that I find and send me news to post in my pages...I will thank you forever. Rock on!

Come on and join my group. Thanks!

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