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More Celebrity's?

Just in case you were wondering who the bunny petting treehuggers are.

Pamela Lee Anderson Fiona Apple "The Artist" Bea Arthur Alec Baldwin Tyra Banks Clive Barker
Drew Barrymore Kim Basinger Ed Begley Jr. Candice Bergen Sandra  Bernhard Larry Bird Linda Blair
Rosanne Cash David Chokachi Charlotte Church Paula Cole Jamie Lee Curtis Ellen DeGeneres Gérard Depardieu
Fabio Peter Falk Mike Farrell Edward Furlong Jennie Garth Jennie Garth Dick Gregory
Woody  Harrelson Hulk Hogan Chrissie Hynde Indigo Girls K.D. Lang Sheryl Lee Ali MacGraw
Bill Maher Ziggy Marley Peter Max Linda McCartney Paul McCartney Kevin Nealon Natalie Portman
Rob Reiner Judge Reinhold Lisa Rinna Marcus Schenkenberg Martin Scorsese Steven Seagal Alicia  Silverstone
William Shatner Jimmy Stewart Michael Stipe Oliver Stone Rider Strong Christy Turlington Shania Twain
Mo Vaughn Keenen Ivory Weyans
May I appeal to you, on behalf of my friends at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to listen to your heart regarding the welfare of these suffering animals? -- Steven Seagal - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Fall 1997   "I have developed a deep respect for animals. I consider them fellow living creatures with certain rights that should not be violated any more than the rights of humans." -- Jimmy Stewart - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Fall 1997  (Jimmy had no trouble training a horse to help him make money tho)

"Get with the times and realize the benefits of making your company one of the greatest state-of-the-art, cruelty-free companies of the '90s and the new century to come." -- Hulk Hogan - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998 (Hogan of course is know as a captain of industry, biology and intellect)   A little leg goes a long way in Washington," says Baywatch star David Chokachi in a new PeTA public service announcement, in which he asks viewers to send pictures of their legs to the White House along with the message "Ban Leghold Traps!" - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998 (David's only show is not exactly know for educational content.)

Former Twin Peaks star Sheryl Lee has resurrected her "Laura Palmer" character for PeTA's latest Anti-Fur campaign. - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998  (Not exactly a girl that is having an easy time finding work)   As local activists worked tirelessly on the case, PeTA and New Mexico residents Ali MacGraw and Judge Reinhold fired off letters to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) asking that the circus's license be revoked and all remaining animal confiscated. - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Fall 1997  (I honestly think Ali looked allot better when she used to eat meat)

Star Trek's William Shatner urges people to "be heroes for animals" in PeTA's new television spot about disaster relief. - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Fall 1997  (All this from a man who's made a career of pretending he's something he's not)   TV's "Lieutenant Columbo," Peter Falk, is asking police and sheriff's departments not to use elephants in fundraisers. - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998  (I'm trying to think if an elephant in my town has ever been a problem)

"I've always been a big supporter of animal rights. Let's save the animals so we can all live in harmony in the next millennium and beyond." --Peter Max - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998  (Peter's been out of touch with reality since 1965)   Pamela Lee or Pamela Lee Anderson (famous for wearing implants that were tested on animals) modeled semi nude in anti-fur ads for PeTA. Pamela's appeared on an enormous billboard in New York's Times Square..- Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Winter 1998

"Fiona Apple eats here veggies, sings in skimpy underwear, looks too thin to be healthy and is a vegan. The singer is also helping spread the word about animal rights. Last fall, Fiona recorded a message for PeTA's holiday hot line--resulting in more than 8,000 phone calls for free veg recipes". - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Spring 1998   Contributors to PeTA Animal Times Spring 1998 issue:
Candice Bergen; Actress (I liked here sister better)
Kevin Nealon; Comedian (Saturday Night Live has produced oh so many role models.)
K.D. Lang: Singer (and gay rights activist)

"In the wake of the largest beef recall in U.S. history, concerned new mom and vegetarian Jenny Garth appeared in a PeTA ad urging people to forgo animal flesh". Beverly Hills 90210 actress - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Spring 1998   "Purrs to basketball legend Larry Bird and Red Sox slugger Mo Vaughn for dispelling the notion that gunning down animals is "sporting." Bird told Esquire magazine he stopped hunting because "I just don't want to kill anything anymore." And Vaughn says, "I don't believe in hunting. Give the animals a gun, and then maybe I'd hunt." - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Spring 1998  (I can respect Bird's answer, but Vaughn's reply is totally ignorant.)

Purrs to "The Artist" for being a "Prince" of a guy to animals. The vegan singer declares, "We need an Animal Rights Day when all slaughterhouses shut down." - Animal Times/PeTA's Magazine Spring 1998
(Now is this guy a role model or what?)
  Comedians Bill Maher and Ellen DeGeneres starred in PeTA's "Thinking About Fur" ad, featured in TV Guide, on Entertainment Tonight, and in The New York Times.  (Ellen's career hasn't been to hot lately as I recall.  Bill will say anything to get attention, that's simply his job.)

Hollywood's Kim Basinger, Alec Baldwin, Edward Furlong, Alicia Silverstone, Jennie Garth, Woody Harrelson, and Sandra Bernhard signed PeTA's letter to Vogue magazine, calling for an end to fur ads. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (Alec Baldwin used to take a much harder stance until his mother was diagnosed with cancer and he altered his stance.)   On behalf of PETA, horror icon Clive Barker wrote a letter to the editors of the top 100 U.S. newspapers, asking them to "put hunting and fishing columns where they belong: on the obituary pages." - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (I'm sorry, PeTA never said where he got his biology degree from?)

Hundreds of coats poured in when romance king Fabio recorded PeTA's toll-free hot line, 1-888-FUR-AWAY, telling listeners to show their "inner beauty by giving their old fur" to PeTA for use in protests. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (When he couldn't believe it was not butter, he was the high point of his career)     At PeTA's request, actor Ed Begley Jr. wrote to McDonald's, asking the company to improve conditions for pigs and chickens on its suppliers' farms and urging the company to offer vegetarian burgers. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (This guy must really get into marketing.)

Melrose Place's Lisa Rinna appeared on the cover of PeTA's new 1998 Shopping Guide for Caring Consumers, - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.   In PETA TV spots, "Golden Girl" Bea Arthur urged viewers to use alternatives to Premarin, which is made from pregnant mare's urine. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (Like urine is something that's going to hurt the animal to collect?)

Exorcist star Linda Blair kicked off PeTA's 1997 campaign urging people to donate only to charities that don't fund animal experiments by appearing in our "Animal experiments make my head spin" ad. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (PeTA failed to mention all of Linda's cocaine convictions in Connecticut.)   After watching PeTA's undercover video, film stars Gérard Depardieu, asked Monaco's Prince Rainier to ban animal acts at the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.  (Who cares....that's in Europe)

Keenen Ivory Weyans, Emmy-winning creator of In Living Color and host of his own late-night show, gave Animal Times readers a lesson in vegetarianism with a light-hearted quiz. - PeTA's Annual 1997 Media in Review essay.    Country Music singer Rosanne Cash, lended her voice to help PeTA to ban canned hunting-the tracking and killing of nearly tame animals kept in penned enclosures on facilities in New York.PeTA Press Release dated 05/30/2000 (Rosanne would say anything if it would get her career back up and going again)

Dick Gregory, Actor, did a Public Service Announcement for Peta -    Linda McCartney, gained fame when she shot Public Service Announcements for PeTA, did the prologue to Ingrid Newkirk's books, slept with a famous musician and died young

Mike Farrell, Actor of MASH fame filmed a Public Service Announcement for PeTA -  (Hey that's the first thing he's done since Trapper John left the show)    Goldfinger  the ska/punk band from L.A and  their top hit, “Here in Your Bedroom.”  Lead singer John Feldmann is an animal r ights activist with "Meat Is Murder” bumper stickers, animal rights T-shirts, hands out literature at concerts, and sings a song about hunter Ted Nugent.  The lyrics are filthy. =- Spring 2000 issue of GRRR magazine

Soprano Charlotte Church states on her Web site that she would never wear real fur.  (This is just a kid, nuff said.) Vegetarian Shania Twain allowed her image and and the following text in GRRR magazine Spring 2000 issue. "Vegetarian Shania Twain would never eat a fast-food burger.  Even her dog is veg!"  (Of course 15 years ago when her father hunted and fed her what he'd killed and she wasn't worth a zillion dollars we might have seen a different view)

Actress, "flasher" and graduate of the Betty Ford Clinic,  Drew Barrymore made the cover of GRRR's Spring Magazine.  She also stated in "Seventeen Magazine" that one of her secret wishes: to “save all the little live lobsters in restaurants and throw them back into the ocean..." Jamie Lee Curtis decorated her car with a “Proud Parent of a Student Who Won’t Dissect” bumper sticker from PETA  - PeTA website 06/01/2000 -  (She's also the serious actress that was in 50 "Friday 13th" movies)

Singer Paula Cole is on the PeTA website professing to be vegetarin (Wonder if they are gonna ever let her raise her arms above her haed on TV again?) Singer  Ziggy Marley on the PeTA website professing to be vegetarin (A Rastafarian giving advice...go figure)

Actress  Natalie Portman on the PeTA website professing to be vegetarin  Actor Rider Strong (Boy Meets World) on the PeTA website professing to be vegetarin 

PeTA compiled two animal rights albums, Animal Liberation and Tame
, featuring artists such as Chrissie Hynde, Indigo Girls, Michael Stipe, and Belinda Carlisle. PETA also held several  concerts featuring The B-52's. Long-time supporter Paul McCartney invited PeTA to set up literature tables on his world tour.  (This is a "Who's Who" of musical acts on the twilight of their careers.  I'm sorry Paul, a great musician you are, but nothing more)
Supermodels Christy Turlington, Tyra Banks, and Marcus Schenkenberg, have posed for the "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" Campaign. (Personally I see little difference between a stripper and a supermodel except the rate of pay and the working conditions. So yeah, go take a strippers word on any topic.)

PETA  received pledges from filmmakers including Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, and Rob Reiner to keep fur off movie sets.  (Which of course lowers film costs and helps their bottom line)

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