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Kanchanaburi Province do not lie in the zone "Southern Thailand". In fact, it is towards the western part of the country neighbouring Burma. No write up on Waterfalls in Thailand would be complete without mentioning the few truly unique examples found in this province that is full of WATERFALLS.

Kanchanaburi is the province that houses the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai brought to the limelight a Hollywood film of the same name. The district is noted for its beauty created by rugged hills and valleys drained by 2 rivers, the Kwai Yai and Kwai Noi that unite to form the Mae Klong River..


This black bridge was brought from Java by the Japanese army. Under their supervision, the Allied prisoners- of- war completed the "Death Railway" linking Thailand and Burma. The curved spans of the bridge are the original sections that survived the bombings.
Opposite the railway station, this carefully preserved cementry contains the remains of 6,982 Allied soldiers who perished in the construction of the railway.
The rugged hills many of them of limestone contain numerous caves. The formations from flowstones, stalactites and stalagmites in huge chambers has drawn visitor to these off the beaten track locations.

A glimpse of those rolling hills set against the setting sun.

Peculiar to the Lake district and on the Kwai Rivers, these popular accomodations help to bring out the authentic atmosphere of the region.

For the really adventurous, follow the traditional smugglers route into Burma or Mymmar. It is now a tourist trail running from the provincial town to the 3-Pagodas Pass.

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Those to the provincial town of Kanchanaburi will notice that this logo rests on top of all street signs. This sign represents the common fish plaa yisok found in the Mae Klong River and its tributaries.

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