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Krabi is located in a very beautiful part of Thailand. With karsts hills and mangrove forest, there are many caves and nature trails for adventurers.

The most alluring part of Krabi provinces are the secluded beaches and the off shore islands.

This unique sand bank is one of the 2 strips that joins two islands during the low tides.

Holiday makers enjoy the sun bathing in the open seas, surrounded by - only tiny islands

This tiny rock has no beaches at all and recahes deep into the sea from its sides. terrific place for diving, just a couple of hundreds meters from the beach.

Defination of an "island' varies tremendously. More important is the type of activities the this single piece of outcrop that juts out from the sea, can support.

While the depth beside this island also encourage diving activities. The odd shaped left over from weathering promotes tourism.

Visitors are taken a tour of the surrounding island with the landmark as a stopping point.

The whole province of Krabi has uncounted number of places for holidays and vacations.

Can't help including this tiny rock that has an under water cave. One end of the caves is above the water level at all times. That encourages curious visitors to take a dip to experience some under water caving.

Apart from recreations connected with the sea, there is the mangrove forest and the tropical Forest. The waterfalls found in this province are:-

Name of Waterfall Its location Available on site?
Tham Bokharani
Just outside Ao Luk Below
Huay To
Khao Phannom National Park Below
Huay Sadeh
Khao Phannom National Park  
Hin Phoeng
In Klong Thom along Highway 4  

The Huay To Waterfall

The fall drops in 3 cascades. The first near vertical of almost 20 meters tall followed by the second fall breaking off at 15 meters high.

The last part cascades through a narrow gorge before ending up as rapids through the Park ground.

The picture on top is a good panoramic view of all the Fall seen at the Park. This is followed by a close up of the middle fall.

The waterfalls of Than Bokkharani National Park

Waterfalls in this park is unlike the normal falls that we are used to expect to see. There are many of them spreaded out within the park compound. Each of them hardly a meter tall!

This one in the photograph is the main waterfall, draining water from a large pool.

The Park and its waterfalls seems like a legend around this part of the country. In December after the monsoon rain the large amount of calcium laden water fills up this pool. The water will appear as emerald green and at the same time water lilies existing inside the pool itself will blossom.

Imagine dark red flowers amidst emerald green water.

To complete the scene water from the main fall will be redistributed to branch out into many tiny streams, that in turn quickly drops to the next lower level. Visitors can see waterfalls along all the pathways.
This is the cave where the stream collecting water from within the karsts hills reappear. Water from the stream is the only source of water.

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