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This large Province is covered with rugged mountains and forest. Until recently also the last refuge of the Communist Party. Main economy of the population is fishing and shrimps farming.

The province has boast of many nice beaches.
An amazing sights is the huge number[Over a kilometers long] of fishing crafts. During offf peak season, all the boats are lined up along the beach for maintainance, repair or simply lay off.

The monsoon rain has built a long natural dyke along the entire sea front providing some shelter from the strong winds. The otherwise useless lowlands behind the sea were prepared with rectangular ponds. This area where the shrimp farming are carried out is over 50 kilometers in length.

What a scene with so many ladies sorting out those live shrimps. Almost all of them still jumping and flipping after being scooped from the farm.

Most produce are exported live under special packaging and transport arrangement.

This is a province that is full of caves, temples and waterfalls! The few recommended waterfalls are:-

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


Prom Lok
Khao Luang National Park  
Krung Ching
1,835 meters, highest peak in the Thai's Peninsula  


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