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This is the rice growing province of Southern Thailand. This Provincial Capital with the same name is famous for its "shadow" play, a form of play. The urban area has a large Chinese Population. Sharing the same border with the Province of Trang, they both have the long Mountain Range of Khao Bantad. The eastern slope that is in the district of Phattalung has its share of tropical rainfall. Therefore, here too are another series of waterfalls along the entire mountain range.

To the nature lovers, the one spectacular phenomenon in Phattalung is the Tambon Thalay Noi Bird Sanctuary.

Beautiful chalets amidst the water lilies filled lakes.

This fresh water lake or the “Little Sea” of 30 square kilometers is connected to the northern part of Songkla Lake by a short narrow canal Klong Nang Riam.

The wetland is relative shallow; often chest deep is home to large varieties of birds such as the Purple Swamphen and the Purple Heron etc.

There are 5 notable waterfalls in this district and most of them can be seen while driving along a country at the the eastern foothills of the Khao Bantad Mountain Range:-

.........Mon Jui
along country road 4016 from Pha Bon villages to Kong Ra village. below
........Rok Nam
along same road Below
along same road below

The Mon Jui series of waterfalls and cascades

This river is located inside a recreation Park of the same name. At the edge of the picnic area, a dirt road along the river bank leads adventurous holiday makers up stream.

The accessibility to the Park and the waterfall is well marked.

The river rushes down through a series of long cascades.

This is the top or highest cascade with our model seen as dot towards the start on the left bank

Here the stretch was 25 meters with the river dropping about 20 meters.


The river then sieve through a series of boulders and falling within them. There also minor drops good for white waters activities

When the boulders gets too large to become a granite wall, the river water erodes a narrow but deep gorge. A long passage is made through the rocky hill side until the level ground tames the grinding action of the river.

The Nok Nam Series of Waterfalls 

This is a very clean mountain stream flowing through some rapids.

The first impression we had already charmed us. The tranquility of the place and the lush tropical jungle, not to mention again the clarity of the water from the mountain.

Off course, there was a waterfall! To complete the whole scene, there was this rather deep pool at the base of the fall.

Standing on top of this "baby" waterfall and watching the river continued it way towards a rubber estate and human settlement.


The waterfall is located amidst tall mountain on the left of the photograph and rolling hills on the right. The place is more a "saddle" rather than a valley.

The very tall Phraiwan or Boripath Waterfalls

This tall waterfall like the other 2 along the same range can be seen while driving along the country road. At that point the waterfall is still about 5 kilometers away. Very impressive view from afar.

This photograph of the whole waterfall was taken at the base of the fall.

The models are seen as a tiny speck, right in the center and on the right side at the start of the bottom cascade.

A close up view of the top vertical waterfall may perhaps improve the impression as to its dramatic looks.

This portion here drops for 250 meters and it is near vertical. There are foot path in the Park to take visitors to the various level and also the top of the waterfall.

At the base of the top waterfall the river dispersed itself into 2 flanks and flows down as a cascades, dropping another 30 meters.



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