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Pattani is a small province with 41,000 inhabitants. It was a trading post in the early years and still is. Though the urban dwellers are predominantly Chinese, overall the whole province the Muslim flavor is more distinct.

This temple contains the statue of a mythical goddess, Kor-niew. Many local Thais and Chinese from the neighboring states to pay homage.
This equally holy site houses the cemetery of the goddess, Kor-niew

The province is noted for its first contact with European-i.e.. the Portuguese in 1516,Dutch in 1609 and English in 1612.

With all these foreign arrivals, this grave typical of the Chinese style symbolizes the influences of these foreign cultures have on the land.
Then this unusual statue inside the mosque.

This is also the province where the Japanese landed for their conquest of Malaya during the 2nd World War.

Pattani also has a fair share of good beaches.
They are there all along the shores of the South China Sea

There is only one notable Waterfall within the province:-

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


30 kilometers from Pattani town. Linked

The Saikhao Waterfall

The major mountain in Pattani is the Saikhao, which is part of the San Kalakhiri Range. Major rivers flowing out of this range are the Pattani and the Saiburi Rivers.

The Saikhao Waterfall is located in the Khokpho district, about 30 kilometers from the provincial capital of Pattani. The popularity of the area around the waterfall had led to the vicinity being declared as a state Park in October 1st 1954.

The waterfall originates from the watershed of Nangchan Mountain, a peak among the Saihao Range.

Water is flowing the whole year round and the height of the fall is around 8-9 meters high.


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