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Phetburi or Phetchaburi was formally known as Meung Phet.

This is the northernmost and the first province of the south. Unlike the other southern Provinces, Phetburi is very much Thai in character. A walk through the small provincial capital six to seven temples can be seen.

The area of Khao Wang and the King Mongkut's palace of Phra Nakhon Khiri is now a Historical Park.

There are cobble stone paths up and around the hills that is studded with wats and other components of the palace..

Wat Mahathat - a very unique and fantastically white structure. Its architecture unusual and could be conbination of late Aythaya, early Ratanakosin adaptation of the Khmer prangs of Lopburi and Khimai.

Very popular among the locals.

Khao Luang is a cave sanctuary In the main cavern, old Buddha images are stored.

The cave ceilings have 2 holes that allow sunlight to pierce through into the chamber, making it a favorite with photographers.

There are many impressive wooden door panels that artistically carved in Wat Bunthawi.

A specialty of the provincial township is egg custard-khanom maw kaeng. This delicacies has attracted continued demands from Bangkok that daily shipment are made.

Besides the hills and temple, the landscape appears arid with marshland and palm trees. This become very prominent in the area around Cha Am.
Cha Am is fast developing as a resort town for the locals.

A pseudo-classical style two storey town houses dawn the beach front. Perhaps the crowd likes urban living with the sea besides?

Keang Krachan National park is Thailand largest, covering an area from, just out of town to the Burmese border. The 3,00 square kilometers park takes up most of Phetburi lands. This area is reputed to have very heavy rainfalls and the Kaeng Krachan Dam keeps the populations needs. Within the Park compound there are savanna like grass lands, mountains, cliffs, two rivers and waterfalls. This park however is not very much visited.

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


No official names given   Keang Krachuan National Park  



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