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This is the province located at the top of a long bay, bordered on the east by Krabi and on the west Phuket Island. Besides being a scenic area full of karsts hills, the province is unimportant to the locals.

The numerous small towns serve as departure points for other destinations. Example-

Khurapuri- for Surin and the Similan Islands.
Takua Pa - for Khao Sok and Surat Thani
Thai Muang - to view turtle laying eggs
Ao Phangnga - for views of famous cliffs and limestone formations.
A good example of how the imagination can run wild. This formation here suppose to have some resemblances to the profile of a shaggie dog!
The fishing village here, Ko Panyi occupied by Malay muslim have their houses perching against the edge of the cliff for better protection from the elements.
They have also kept up with the times, farming fishes instead of depending on the sea and the weather for their income. Their available time will spent ferrying tourists around the bay!
They have convenient caves that the tourist can pass through with the boat. There are quite a few of such caves suitable for boating and canoeing.

Behind the bay is a mountainous region. Waterfalls that are noted in this Province are :-

Larm Roo
In Kao Lak- Larm Roo National Park
.Tao Thong
Tambon Borsan - At Thap Put
Near to Wat Suwan Kaha Moo2 Tambookrasohm
Moo 6 of Tamboo Thai Muang- Between 33/34 kilometers markers
Tone Prai
Petch Kasem Road Highway 4,  28/29 kms

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