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This province is located in the upper part of the Ithmus of Kra. The Bilauktaung Mountain Range seperating Thailand and Burma has partitioned a wider tract of land to Burma leaving a very narrow strip for Prachuap Khiri Khan. The local population subsist on pineapple farmimg and fishing. Hua Hin is the most notable town in this province while the rest of the coastline is dotted with several low key resorts.

The solid mountain that guards the entrance to Ao Prachuap.

Khao Hin Thern is a hill with many fascinating rock formations.

Ao Prachuap itself is a long bay, a ring of 8 kilometers long. Its sheer size, at any point on the bay, the spot offers uninterupted panoramic views of the fishing community and the jugged mountains.

The tempting white sands of the deserted beaches. The sea here is not so good for swimming.
Away from the main fishing community, smaller coastal boats ply their trade along the shore.

The sandy beaches is abruptly ended on the northern edge by a sparse mangrove forest. The shoreline continues outwards towards these mountains.

Looking off shore, the karsts hills seem to "pop" out from the northern sea.
Sam Roi Yot National Park is 58 kilometers from Hua Hin and occupies land of 98 square kilometers. The terrain is that of high limestone mountains and wide marshlands. The park is noted for its fauna- resident animals. Then also for migratory birds as it lies in the path of the East Asian and Australia flight path. Over 300 resident and migratory birds are recorded.

This is the scene from Hua Hin, a drastic change from the outback.

For a long time this stretch of beaches are playground to nearby Bangkok rich and famous. The hotels unanimously promote an air of upmarketness as compared to the touristy Pattaya.
Rows of seafood restaurants serve meals in elegance enviroment.

In uniform, this row of restarants at the sea front have open air dining areas on platforms built into the sea.

There are still other interesting facts about Prachuap Khiri Khan

This is Wat Thammikaram on top of Mirror Mountain or Khao Chong Krajok

Mirror Tunnel Mountain is named after the hole [on the left end] through the side of the mountain. This openning manifest an impression of a mirror that is reflecting a view from the sky.

A special park is prepared to mark this place as the narrowest part of the Kingdom.

Many exteme corners of Thailand are formally marked and this place is one of them. Between the Gulf of Thailand and Myammar border this part of the country is only 12 kilometers wide.

The police outpost at the border, the Burmese side is now under Yangon control. Previously the Karen rebels were active.

Not many people would venture into the low hills at the Burmese border, reports of dramatic waterfalls is hard to come by. However there is a small waterfall for those who needed forested Park!

Name of Waterfall

Its Location

Huay Yang
South of Provincial capital in Thap Sakae  



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