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Ranong is Thailand least populated Province. The land in this province is made up of 80% forest and 67% of which is in hilly terrain. The region also undergoes the 2 monsoons period. As a result of that record of rainfall is high and happens frequently, a gentleman has made a joke the Ranong was actually a wrongly pronounced "Rain On".

The distinct impression of this province comes from the fact that the narrowest part of the Isthmus of Kra lies in this province.

At this point, the isthmus nearly 50 kilometers wide separates the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand.

The economy of this region comes from fishing and minerals mining. Agriculture in the form of rubber estates and cashew nuts production is also seen in many places.

The main activities of the provincial town is fishing. Fleets of marvelous looking 3 deckers lined up besides its jetty. The Andaman Seas within the Burmese territory is relatively unexploited and the whole area is still rich with sea based produce.
For hundreds of miles around Ranong is the only large town that has the infrastructure to support large scale fishing operations. Here Burmese boats or boats manned by Burmese are frequent scenes.
Saphaan Plaa is bursting with life. Fishing boats are constantly unloading its catches. Then, they reload their boats with the needed supply to go out to sea. We had never seen so much fishes and such a large market anywhere!
This is also the place with the largest ship building yard. New ships are built, old ones repaired and maintained.

Owners of fishing fleets around the region acknowledged their expertise and this is evident by the large volume and we were told of the fast turnaround time.

While this region is noted for its highest rainfall and large tract of forested areas, there are very few notable waterfalls. On the Highway 4 down from Ranong to Takuapa, numerous signs in Thai give clues of waterfalls existing in the region that we have not verified, but the 2 notable one are:-

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


Along Highway 4, 15 kilometers north of town Linked
Along Highway 4, 20 kilometers south of town  

The Punyaban Waterfall


Along Highway 4 while going north to exit Ranong this signboard prominently display the distance.

The Waterfall is just beside the Highway. This is also a well visited area with a souvenir shop and tea house.

The waterfall is a single vertical drop of about 30 meters high. The space in front of the fall is open to give a dramatic full view of the fall and its surrounding.

Shop owners has also erected a pavilion across the path of the waterfall for visitor to have a vantage point to enjoy the waterfall scene.


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