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This is a relatively unknown province tuck away next to the border with Malaysia on the western shores. The provincial town with the same name serves as a port of entry into Thailand. This is also a departure point for the very secluded and beautiful Tarutao Island.

The former Penal island is cleared of its inhabitants and local fisherman. Now it remain as a national park. The Tarutao Island and others, Rawi and Lipe are reputed for its beaches and live corals.
The very unique beach with its specially beautiful rocks
A close up of those rocks on the beach.
The sea Gypsies living off the coast of Satun. These people are "chao naam who are rumored to have migrated from Lanta Island. Besides fishing, they carry out some cultivation on the island.

Also of little knowledge to the public, there is this natural Thale Ban national Park

Thale ban National Park is located in the Khuan Don district of Satun Province. The mountainous western edge of the Park runs down to the Andaman Seas. There are good primary rainforest with associated animal populations, waterfalls and caves.

The waterfalls that can be found in this province are:-

Name Of waterfall Its Location Linked
Than Nak That
Tarutao Island  
Ko Rawi  
Thon Bliew
Thale Ban National Park, along Route 4184  
Thale Ban National Park, nearest town Khuan Sataw  
Thale Ban National park  

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