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This eastern coastal province of 7,150 square kilometers and the provincial capital is 950 kilometers away from Bangkok.

Older Thais refer the town as "Singora" or "Singkhon". The word "singora" is an obvious reference to a lion shaped mountain-Khao Deang- opposite the harbor.

Here standing on and along this very long Samila beach, the Cat and rat Islands, the Khao Deang Mountain can be seen

Today Songkla main town Had Yai looks more like a modern city than a border town. There are many 5-stars rated hotels and food from all over the world. Songkla town now has to compliment Had Yai with the beach by providing the visitors with an ambience for seafood and scenic sights.

The little Marmaid as we called it, drew a reminder of the world famous equivalent in the Danish Capital.

Little is known of this province except its reputation as a pirate stronghold in the medieval times. A sleepy Gulf town with a thriving fishing community enhanced by the fine sand at Samila beach with the Cat and Rat Islands.
There are endless opportunity to catch the panoramic sights offered by the presence of the gulf, fishing villages and the Tinsulanonda Bridge.

Here standing on the small hill and seeing the bridge by night is also another enchanting moment in this touristy village.

The most famous feature of the district is the Thale Sap Songkla Island in the middle of the gulf. Here are the fishing community and the rows of Seafood restaurants.

This coastal province has only one waterfall to its credit but a massive one:-

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


Ton Nga Chang
24 kilometers west of Hat Yai on the way to the airport Linked

The Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

The waterfall is main attraction within the park. This is a well visited picnic areas with the river sides filled with locals on weekends.

This is a 7 tiers waterfalls. The signboard gives an indication as to the distance to the various falls.

The star attraction is this 2nd fall which is a short hike from the corner of the park serving food.

It is also the beginning of the climb up the slopes. The waterfall at this level divides itself into 2 branches, and this fall is on the left flank.

The counterpart, waterfall spreading out on the right flank. As usual, photographs taken from the bottom of falls do not do justice to indicate the size of the drop.

The fall here cascades at a very steep angle mixed with minor vertical drops for a total 60 meters height.

This is another angle showing the two falls.

The Thais dubbed this fall as the "Elephant Tasks Falls"

At the base the same falls appeared to have emerged from the same source and curved out to look like 2 tasks.

Should make a trip there yourself to check out the rest of the 5 others waterfalls above this one!


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