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This province some 640 kilometers from Thailand capital bangkok, is much referred to by its touristic Island Ko Samui. The province started in the 8-10th century as a Provincial capital of the Sri Vijaya empire, the remants of which can be seen in present day Chaiya.

An unusual Monkey school along Highway 401. Most students are pig tail monkeys captured from the forest. Training them to pick coconut from the tall tree will take about 3 months.

The wildlife center is a rehabilitation compound for captured wildlife. The sites offers panoramic view of the hinterland.

Surat Thani has an extensive coastline washed by the waters from the Gulf. These many beautiful beaches on the mainland is overshadowed by the greater publicity given to the touristy island beaches

Khao Sok National Park is a forested complex with high mountain ranges and tall cliffs. Within the park a large varieties of wild animals still roam freely.

Visitor can stay in the accomodations provided and the main activities would be visiting waterfalls and caves

Chak Phra Festival- this event celebrated annualy to end the Buhdist Rains Retreat [Phansa] is held usually in Mid-October. There will be dazzling land and waterbase processions of colourful boats. Boat races manned by 50 oarsmen race along the Tapi River.

Angthong Marine National Park is made up of 40 islands in an area of 250 square kilometers. Most islands are karsts hills with some reaching heights of 400 meters. They are filled with tropical rainforest and sometimes beaches. Main attraction are coral reef at Ko Sam Sao, high view point at Waving Lotus Cave and the emerald salt water lake of Talay Nai.

The most visited site in Surat Thani is the Samui Island. Widest at 21 kilometers and longest at 25 kilometers, this 247 square kilometers island together with 80 smaller islands is 84 kilometers east of the provincial capital.

A 51 kilometers ring road runs round the island of tropical jungle, low hills, coconut plantations and plenty of beaches.

This sign is in Thong Yang, a ferry point for the landing of vehicles onto Samui Island.
This is Coral Cove or Ao Thong Yang. The nice colored sea here washes on a few coves and capes.
A large Buddha image seats on Fan Island at Plai Laem Bay. Ko Faan is linked to the main island by a small headland.

Special attraction on the island are the mama and the papa rocks. Among this pile of boulders the phallic Papa rock stood up prominently. Likewise the Mama fitting the gender description is among and under the boulder where the photograph was taken

Here, too, in Surat Thani many waterfalls in deep jungle are yet to be of public knowledge. Those waterfalls on the islands where foreigners led the local crowd to enjoy the cool water of the falls are selected:-

Name of Waterfall

Its Location


Sip Et Chan- 11 Steps

4 kilometers from Khao Sok National Park Headquarters

Mae Yai

Khao Sok National Park-off Highway 401 at km 109.

Na Muang

Samui Island


Hin Lot

Samui Island

Tham Sadet

Hat Sadet in Ko Pha-Ngan Island

Than Prawat

Ban Fai Mai in Ko Pha-Ngan Island

Than Praphat

Ban Nam Tok in Ko Pha-Ngan Island


Pak Praek village, 30 kilometers from town, Surat- Nakhon


The Na Muang Waterfall

The nice part of the Na Muang waterfalls is that this place could serves as the end of a long cross island jungle trek. What a refreshing activity the island can offer.

The waterfall is an all seasons landmark for visitor to get away from the sea.

This fall is approximately 20 meters dropping into piles of small rock. The stream that follow serves as wadding ponds and a place to cool tired feet.

The waterfall is well visited as shown by the presence of many hawkers and souvenir shops.

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