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This Province is in the southernmost part of Thailand. "Yala" in the local language means fish net. The original site of the town was in a place called Yalor at the foot of a hill whose profile resembled that of a fish net.

Amidst its valley deep inland, the province is proud of this dam and its lush countryside.

This is the most prosperous Province in the southern region with income coming from the widespread rubber planting activities in the state.

The mountainous district with its natural hot spring is a blessing for the tourist business

The provincial capital also boast of being the cleanest town in Thailand, wrestling the title away from Trang.

The notable structures here is the Wat Naa Tham-or translated the "Front Temple Caves." In this cave there is a SriVijaya style long reclining Buddha constructed in the 750 AD.
Other than the temple structures on the entrance, the cave formations behind the temple is worth exploring.

Apart from the popularity of temples, Sakai in the Tharato district is famous for its proto-Malay origin.

As usual the province cannot be short of its Thai heritage.
This is the house of Yala's Landmark Pole-

Believed to the guardian spirit for the province. Construction was completed in 1962 and since then there had been many annual celebrations.

Yala too has its border town and Betong has its attraction being the hub of Communist activities during the insurgent years. Now the lifestyle of those years are interesting scenes for the tourist. Off course this largest postbox is something unusual.

Waterfalls in the Yala Province are: -

Name of Waterfall

Its Location

Inside Tarnto National Park See below
Bannang Star community 40 kms from Yala  
Between Budi and Bannang Sareng  

Tarato Waterfall

The waterfall is the center of attraction for the National Park with the same name. This Park is situated at the Tham Talu town. To reach the area Take the Yala –Betong highway. At a point on the 47-48 kilometers stretch follow a dirt road of 2 kilometers.

This is a 9 levels cascading waterfall.



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