Retirement for Vivian Chow

Shortly after her U.S. concert tour in 1997, Vivian Chow announced her retirement plans from the entertainment circle. She admitted that though she still loved acting and singing, she was tired of being a celebrity under constant public scrutiny.

For her love of music, she said given the opportunity, she might still work behind the scenes as a composer, arranger, or even as a backup vocalist. However, she would not give up her private "normal person's" lifestyle again to face public attention anymore. There was a chance she might still sign autographs should she bump into her fans on the streets, but definitely no more new albums, she apologized.

Indeed, since her retirement, there has not been much news about Vivian, other than occasional reports on her appearances in charity events and fellow artistes' music concerts. When the Hong Kong paparazzi got too hot on her heels, she would pack her bags and leave the country for short trips abroad.

Vivian is currently pursuing her other interest - painting.

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