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Welcome to my very own little website!


Physical Appearance: Angelic, beautiful, well-dressed, post-modern villian. Slim, tall, androgynous. Spiky black hair.

Interests: The occult, Egyptology, black magick, reptiles, electronic music production, synthesizers, horror, hedonism.

Graduate: Art school, Digital Music Production and Studio Engineering. The Center For Digital Imaging and Sound.

Clubs or Affiliations: The Temple Of Set.

Known Personality: Vain, Strong-Willed, Patient, Ruthless, Highly Intelligent, Well-Educated.

Favorite Authors: H.P. Lovecraft, Nietzche.

Favorite Artist: H.R. Giger.

Quirks: Obsessed with the studies and practice of the NECRONOMICON, currently studying Chaos Magick and Hypnosis.


For those of you who care.. I'm currently producing my second album of dark ambient and experimental hip-hop/jungle. I'm using a old Korg analog synthesizer, Steinberg's 'Acid!' to sequence my audio and Logic to handle the midi and the mixes. I also use tons of other software too lengthy to mention here.. Write me if you are at all interested.


Frequently Asked Questions About My Personal Beliefs and Ethics:
A Section Devoted to My Own Writings, Essays and Rants.:

Who was Akhenaten anyway?:

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