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Is your vampire character power-mad or cheesy?  Take this test.

Power-hungry test:
()	You are Caitiff.
()	Your attributes are prioritized as Physical, Mental, then Social.
()	You are generation 9 or below.
()	You have 10 or more physical traits when beginning.
()	You have a discipline of level 3 when starting.
()	You have more combat-related Abilities than other Abilities.
()	You have only combat-related Abilities.
()	You have a combat-related Ability of level 3 when starting.
()	You have five points of flaws and/or five points of negative traits. (1 pt each.)
()	You have the Derangement: Vengeful.
()	Your Nature is Bravo, Deviant, Loner, Rebel, Fanatic, Daredevil, or Stalker.
()	You have a Rage Beast Trait, have the Diablerie Beast Trait, or are on the Path of Caine.
()	You only have Physical Disciplines (Potence, Fortitude, Celerity.)
()	You have started with a gun.
()	You have any of the following Merits or Flaws (1 pt each):
	Intolerant	Short Fuse	Hatred		Illiterate	Overconfident
	Luck		Daredevil	Iron Will	Danger Sense	Misplaced Heart
0-4:  No problem.  This character has personality.
5-6:  This character may have personality, but is centered on power.
7-9:  This character is a problem.  You won't receive any XP bonuses for RP.
10+:  Don't even try to get this character approved (by me, anyway).

()	You are based on a historical or fictional character.
()	You have the same name as a historical or fictional character (Lestat, Dracula, etc.)
()	You are Antitribu of a Sabbat clan (Lasombra, City Gangrel, etc.)
()	You are a Caitiff that actually belongs to an existing clan.
()	You are from a bloodline, or are Malkavian.  (Or a Caitiff version of the same.)
()	You belong to an unpublished bloodline.
()	You have the Beast Trait: Item, or are on the Path of Harmony.
()	You were a Mage, Changeling, or other supernatural being before you were Embraced.
()	You are an "artificial" vampire (embraced yourself, scientific experiment, etc.)
()	You have the Derangement:  Multiple Personalities, Manic Depression, or Amnesia.
()	You were Embraced more than 50 years ago, if a new character.
()	You have any of the following Merits or Flaws (1 pt each):
	Twisted Upbringing	Mistaken Identity	Absent-Minded
	Speech Impediment	Phobia			One Eye
	Faerie Affinity		Destiny			Haunted
	Mute			Medium
0-2:  Looks like a relatively ordinary vampire to me.
3-4:  Smells like cheddar, but probably won't make people groan.
5-6:  This character is probably so annoying even a Storytellers will want to cause you harm.
7+:   How old are you, anyway?