Best of Friends

There we sit,
beneath the shade of the campus trees,
as I watch you drift off into thoughtful silence,
with glints of sunlight dancing over your skin,
gleaming beautifully.
Did you realize that I am there for you?

Did you realize that I'm holding you?
That I have been for a long time.
Though no words are exchanged,
You are content with my presence.
A smile on your glossed lips
and faint blush on your cheeks
assures me of the very thought.

We finally have quality time alone,
spending a perfect fall day together,
sharing precious moments
But not our thoughts.
Your eyes look so distant.
Their gaze cast only to the clear sky.

From my spot beside you,
I faintly hear the soothing humming
that your voice plays for me,
like a symphony in the wind.
A serenade thought would hopefully never fade.
Your voice soon becomes more apparent
and then you turn to me.

Our eyes lock..
creating a smile on an expressionless face.
We can tell each other everything.
There's nothing to hide.
Here is where fond memories are made,
and shared,
leaving no need for words.

We always support the other.
Always there to listen,
even for the little things or when in pain,
never caring about what people think.
You never say what you truly feel,
I do not make a big deal.

Now the time has come.
You mean so much to me,
though it may not always show.
It is usually hard for me to admit,
now I can do it in the best way.
But you know without saying,
for whom I care for and trust.

You're the best person that I've ever met,
Through our friendship,
I'll forever be yours.
We think so highly of each other.
I just thought that you should know,
I'm here for you.. forever.
even when you're feeling low.

You are on top of my list in everything,
yet never understanding the joy you bring.
To my heart and life and all I do.
I just want to say that... "I love you.".
Just looking at you reminds me of that day
I promised to never again hurt you.

With the natural sorroundings
and people as witnesses,
I profess unwaivering care.
You then speak your heart
and I believe your words,
knowing they are true and from within.
Your eyes like diamonds glimmer,
accenting the mutual bond.

Right now our hearts know no lies.
No malice, no pain.
and it was us who got this far.
I reach out and trace your cheeks
and lips that have the softness of rose petals.
Before you place your hand over mine,
Shedding the loneliness marked by absence.

No.. this is not love.
For we only wish to be around each other.
I wish the sun would continue to shine upon this perfect day.
Like it did ever since we met.

Eternal Rapture

Deep inside my very being,
you stir an ache of blissful feelings.
A simple smile a tingle through my body.
I speak the truth, so please have no doubts.
You have my heart and soul,
giving me an eternal rapture.

Place your hands in my own.
My love for you is not easily withheld.
Feel my hands all over your skin.
Our shared caring beckons us to be.
You have captured my love and mind,
giving me an Eternal Rapture.

Laughter and joy rings out loud.
Standing beside you, feeling proud.
A smile shines out in every way.
Darkness will never cloud my days.
You helped me know happiness and joy,
giving me an eternal rapture.

Echoes of the Wind

My gaze is cast only to the sun,
but it's only obscured by passing clouds in a clear blue sky.
As the sun disappears, my life goes awry.
It has been since we drifted apart.

As I gaze at the brilliant sun from atop my balcony,
I faintly hear the silent song that your voice played for me
Are these the echoes of the wind?
Do they play the same serenade for you,
as your voice played for me?
The serenade that I thought would never fade.

The serenade grows more clear.
Your voice becomes more apparent.
Are you returning to me?
Or are the wind's echoes betraying me?

I miss you.

The Other Me

The other me is perfect.
The other me is fine.
The other me is charming,
handsome and refined.

The other me is calm.
He doesn't act like an ass.
The other me is liked by many,
never the odd one out

The other me is perfect,
nothing wrong at all.
The other me isn't clumsy,
never slips up or falls.

Now my only question is,
if he is my other me,
then why I am I not like him?
Why am I how I am and not like that?
I wish I could be.

But I'm not without you.

What You Mean To Me

When I look into your eyes,
I see a world filled with beauty.
When we spend time together,
I see a life filled with endless possibilities.
When I hold you close,
I see dreams being born, being fulfilled.

There are challenges to face ahead,
but more than that, there is a better life to be found.
Happiness and joy.
The future has no limit,
we can make it beautiful and great,

What we have right now is special.
Our friendship is precious, just like you.
Anxiety about the future is natural,
but only an illusion.
It can easily fade away.
Let your heart take hold.

We are in a position to create something better.
Which holds more value than anything else.
How? By following our hearts.
We have cliqued since first meeting.
My heart is filled with certainty..
That you're the right one.

I forgot who I was when becoming jealous over guys,
But remembered when seeing you.
What you feel in your heart is aching to break free.
When it does, you'll feel better than ever.
I know the beauty and intrigue around me.

It is you.
It is family.
It is friends and making it here.
It is love.

Your friendship

I ask for nothing more than this.
A love by your side.
To be there when times are tough.
To be there when you cry.

Nothing more than the twinkle in your eyes,
or a gentle embrace,
to brighten the horrors of life we face.
nothing more than to touch you,
and see your smile.

To have a place in your heart.
Nothing more than this.
No, nothing.
. . . Nothing more.


Sunlight pours across the horizon for days on end,
piercing cumulus clouds gracefully sailing by.
Flowers now in full bloom,
Beautiful and dismal days both together,
as April showers wash away past problems.

On such days, I walk through Central Park,
breathing in the sweet scent of glorious spring air.
Birds singing while squirrels scurry about.
Rays of sunlight peep through the tree tops,
as gentle breezes dance through their leaves.

It's a beautiful day,
I feel content,
but even more so when sharing it with you.
I often wish you'd be there by my side,
walking along arm in arm; sharing ice cream cones.
My heart.

Our city

The day felt so long and trying,
until the late evening.
I drove around, not really anywhere specific,
then drove over the three pragmatic traffic carriers,
connecting Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

From a hundred or so feet in elevation,
they are like huge steel millipedes,
casting dirty shadows over rivers and streets,
condemning most of New York's 8 million plus residents,
to a view of their black underbellies and well-fortified; oversized legs.

It seems different altogether now.
For a start, I could see a incredible stretch of the horizon.
When absorbing the entire view,
you could almost feel like an overseer or guardian like in a movie.
I surely did.

It is obvious why New York is the hot spot of the world.
After six and a half years,
I thought I had a fairly fixed view of the citys' megalopolis.
It was not an accurate one, either,
at least in terms of its appearance.

Although there is a endless spark of excitement,
I always used to curse it as a monotony of inter-mixing streets,
with elongated blocks of office buildings and apartments.
tonight my perspective has changed.

Like every other commuter,
my wheels allow me access to the frightening,
but immensely privileged world of expressways, streets, avenues and bridges.
While cruising across bridge after bridge,
I could see three or four ferris down below,
pulsating with lights - pushing themselves along in calm waters.

For tourists, though..
there is little time to appreciate the awe inspiring cityscape beyond Times Square.
With very little traffic, I was a demon of the road.
An inspiration for the most fiendish of driving video games.

The barriers are so low,
you feel you could plunge off at any second.
Looking out at the cityscape,
I thought of you.
And what the future might hold.

When exiting off of the bridges, claustrophobia sets in.
As the roads squeeze between residential tower blocks,
and high sound barriers curl up on either side.


You are the bringer of death,
and I am of life.
You are the darkness,
and I am the light.

You are what is false,
and I am what is true.
You are the bad,
and I am the good.

You live in the shadows,
and I in the light.
You are what is wrong,
and I am what's right.

You wish for war,
and I wish for peace.
You have dilluted ideals,
and I have pure beliefs.

We are two opposites,
which shall never attract.
Your time of tormenting and haunting is over,
and that, my adversary, is a fact.

( not dedicated to Ali)

Look beyond those dark clouds,
at the bright rainbow behind.
Stop feeling bad,
this is also your time to shine.

We both miss home,
Without a doubt, yep, sure.
Maybe go back after a year,
do you think that's the best cure?

I know you are special,
and can handle any obstacles thrown at you.
Is it only me and you who believe?
I was hoping a lot more knew.

Things are not going well here,
which was never in our original plans.
Everything will work out,
if not.. then we can go upstate, joined in hands.

When thinking of you,
I feel a comforting warmth from your radiant glow.
Together.. through rough times and good,
we will never give up .. no!

(Dedicated to Amy)

A life was created,
but taken away.

A life is here,
yet straying the wrong way.

I know your pain is great,
but not too much to bear.

God is harsh at times,
but never unfair.

Do not persist in being stubborn,
which would only cause you strife.

Instead..listen to others,
and change your course in life.

Look in a mirror,
suicide will not bring you peace.

You are very special,
beyond your own beliefs.

Everyone has faith in you,
so go prove them right.

We know you can be someone great,
so show us your might.

* This is your time to shine, Amy. So shine to your heart's content. *

The Right One

In the late hours of the night,
does she come to me.
lovely eyes twinkle bright,
her elegant form so clear to see.

Gentle fingers outstretch and entwine,
dual visions share a gaze .. lovingly.
Where love has no boundary or invisible line.
Is it a sin to join our hearts' so brazenly?

Through the joys and griefs of life,
No obstacles can not be overcome.
Time will discard all strife,

and our souls will be as one.

A Rose...

A Rose,
Gentle and beautiful.
escaping confiment from an enveloping bud,
blossoming ever so gracefully.

Petals' extend forth unrestricted,
seeking out the sun's nurturing warmth.
When Clouds obstruct a natural brilliance,
the Rose remains healthy.

When dismal weather threatens its survival,
it stands firm through turbulence.
Luster of sunlight bathes the Rose once more,
displaying an unwithering eloquence.


You are the most special, important person in my life,
Your presence ridding me of all strife.
When we're together..something sparks inside my soul,
Such warmness and comfort.. making me whole.
At each others side every day,
Our hearts and minds leading the way.

Until we met,
emptiness was once all I knew,
in that darkness..a bright light poured through.
At first sight..a Diamond in the rough.
The sun shines rings around your smile,
Reaching for mile after mile.

There is no one i care about more,
though sometimes a jerk, closing your heart like a door.
Everyone follows destiny or fate,
Unsure of who is their life mate.
I would say who I feel is mine..
but like you said... "Man of mystery".

We'll just have to see if there's a possibility.

Radar Love

There we stood, face to face,
finally together..but not rushed in haste.
Gleaming eyes meet your twinkling own with love,
before i move closer, guided by a quick hearts shove.
A gentle and warm embrace, seems to go on forever,
as if being binded by a teather.

In this world, you're all i need,
of course..the man upstairs helps me to succeed.
How many times has this played in my mind?
if i asked for your heart..would it be mine?
it may be the heat makin' us bold,
but like me with you, do you feel content being in my hold?

Now meeting, it feels like we've always been in each other lives,
shown by the sun shining down on us, before a cloud arrives.
The smile upon your lips says it all and more,
helped along by emotions of s'inquié´¥r et amour.
Our faces come closer together, our foreheads touch.
does it show..that we share a love so much?

Distant yet so close

One cool night, while i layed on my bed,
and looked up at the time went dead.
In the brightness of the moon..i saw a face,
it was yours, your surreal beauty reaching into space.
i tried to reach a hand out to stroke your hair,
but it wasn't really you..and in my heart it formed a tear.

Maybe it was you reaching out to me,
why? to share affection..nothing else it could be.
the stars twinkled brightly..and your eyes caught my gaze,
it is with you that i would gladly spend my days.
how much can one person miss another,
is it until they are happy and together?

clouds started to slowly cover the night sky,
gentle hands reached up to push the clouds away..
but only to a useless try.
i thought of you with every moment that passed,
if only we were together..then this could possibly last.
you should captured my soul,

Making me whole. <3.

.A Dream.

A dream is a moment,
A moment where we are free,
when we are perfect,
when we are pure.

A dream is a thought,
thoughts of our desires,
our cravings,
our passions.

A dream is an eternity,
an instant,
a fragment of time,
which ceases to exist.

A dream is an escape,
an escape from our reality,
from our lives,
from our pain.

A dream is hope,
hope for new beginnings,
new ends,
new constants.

What is a dream?
Where is a dream?
Why is a dream?
You are my dream.

And who are you?
I wish I knew
For you are my dream.
.- <3 -.


Do you wake up in the morning,
and see yourself in the mirror, so adoring?
Everyone goes out, being in the suns warm light,
but unlike them, I prefer the comfort of night.
I am me.

Do you stop to think of what the day will hold,
or do the thoughts sometimes appear too bold?
How does one handle the hardships of life..everyday,
know no matter what, i am there to help you not stray.
This is for you.

Does the time seem to pass too slow,
maybe you just go with the flow?
Can one person make a difference in someone's life?
i try to help, and put aside my own strife.
In time, everything will end up better.

Am I strange for caring about the city and its people,
or are you like some, who find it unbelievable?
People tell me i'm caring, special and sweet..
others say..i'm among the organized crime elite.
Of this, I don't know.

What I do know is..that things will be fine,
When you walk into trouble, help will be right behind.
This is my city and it's people i observe,
mainly in part of a wish for all life to preserve.
I hope you are important to me.

What the future holds..together we'll see.

The city life

From across the river, you see your home,
New York City.
To those who don't live here,
I'd have some pity.
The tall skyscrapers stand tall and strong,
showing you that this place is where you belong.

As you go through and exit the long tunnel to 41st street.
an energy that flows through you, proves we're elite.
the sun shines down, brighter then Times Square itself,
you realize that NYC is the best place for your health.
walk around, among the people on broadway,
you'll end up having the greatest day.

what's not to love? just wait till it gets dark.
the perfect change to take a moonlit stroll in Central Park.
the city has such energy and life to it,
there's nowhere else to be, New York is our spirit.
the Theatre District or Yankee Stadium?
go to both, they have the greatest of fandom.

i look out and watch the city everyday in the park,
it is always the night that i stalk.
if you could see how beautiful and peaceful it is,
your view would go from good to tremedous.
i love it here and wouldn't give it up for anything,
like Frank Sinatra's my city and i'm king.


Storm clouds are in the sky above,
and i miss you with all my love.
thunder roars and lightning strikes, quick as darts,
do you too feel a temporary loss in our hearts?

i hope the sky will clear very soon,
if it doesn't..i can always see your face,
and block out everything while in a swoon.
every moment without you makes my happiness dive,
until we're together again, then i'll be very alive.

maybe the storm shows your heart aching right now?
i'll be there to make it complete, if you'll alllow.
why did nature have to do this?
the emptiness i feel without you is so tremendous.
i'm sure the storm will go away,
if there's a smile on your lips and you let it stay.

Sleepless nights

I sat outside, in the calm, cool breeze,
sorrounded by tall maple trees.
Almost being hid in the darkness, if it weren't for the gleaming stars above, and fireflies.
A bright star was shining down on me,
maybe it's one that's more lucky.

My only thoughts were that of you.
Wishing we could snuggle in the freshly cut grass,
and be so true.
All was silent, except for my heart,
crying out your name.
But you're not there and it's pierced as if by a dart.

We're so far..yet so close by.
that star gleaming through the cloudy sky,
which was suddenly replaced by your face.
Now I know, the love I hold...can not erase.
it was so peaceful, so most it would be awkward,
but from the day we met, my life was altered.
were you that special star in the sky?

your name is what my heart and soul cry.

A conclusion

The last reminant of a tragedy has been removed,
and a strength to overcome was proved.
It marks the end, yet a new beginning,
represented by the sounds of fire bells ringing.
Grieve and express, share the memories rather then repress.

Nothing will ever be the same,
but no one should ever feel any shame.
Yes, the spot where the World Trade Center stood is now empty.
however, the souls of loved ones are there in plenty.
What should be done to it now? Give ideas and tell us how.

Maybe a park or a wall of names like those of wars,
where you enter the past through time's doors.
Perhaps it should be a corporate building/s foundation?
if you're in your right mind, don't give it attention.
There's still a long way to go, but we are stronger,

It's what each one of you show.

To Go On

Do you know when the reality of life dawns?
Why did it take a tragedy to show it?
September 11, 2001.
A day that changed everything.. forever.

It was such a calm and beautiful day,
as it should be and always stay.
But that was taken when the Twin towers and Plaza were destroyed,
something that we couldn't avoid.
The sunny sky now hid by smoke and dust.
Yet out of these tragic events, the will to overcome was a must.

The City fell silent in awe and sorrow,
people trying there best to make it into tomorrow.
The sound of sirens rang all day long, through the night.
but the skyline remained it's normal, incredible sight.
How many were dead, no one could tell,
but it was in the thousands when our towers fell.

It was unbearable,
the amount of death and destruction caused.
Everyone fell into a state of shock, as if time had paused.
No one knew exactly why this happened, that's for sure,
But no one or nothing can kill our spirit.
It's too pure.

Those men and women in uniforms were all heros and the people,
as they came together like a family, unbelievable?
We looked at terror dead in the face,
and put it in it's rightful place.
Lives were lost, tears were shed, grief was felt and sorrow shared,
and out of all this horror, we weren't scared.

Remember 9-11.


There I stood by the tree,
looking out at the horizon that reflected your beauty.
Your eyes searching over me,
as you lay on a tree branch.
Following my every move, knowing my thoughts.

For a moment, our eyes met,
The looks exchanged telling all instead of words.
Captured by the fruit of my desire,
as I traced those soft lips with gentle fingertips.
Seeing a smile form moments after, showing your shared desire.

I sat against the tree, underneath you,
letting my eyes stayed locked with yours.
It seemed like time stood still for us,
Somehow making the moment last forever.
Perhaps......the rest is fate.


The sun shines through the window, waking me up.
I turn my head to look,
Hoping to find you sleeping peacefully beside me.
That soft smile, which plays on your lips,
would show me why I can make it through life.
You give me strength.

Laying there together, entwined in each others arms,
caught in a moment that lasts forever.
Gentle fingers reach out to stroke your hair,
then trace over the flower perched in it.
It's beauty never being as more then yours.

Sigh. that is when I wake up,
and see that you aren't there, only a image.
Life sucks from that moment on,
but I push up out the bed.
Now to thrust myself into whatever awaits me today.

Thoughts of love?
play endless through my mind,
Which will get me through each day of life.

Did you know..

You always make me feel whole,
When there's a smile on your lips.
I can block out the world,
With a gentle touch from your fingertips.

Did you know..
Time stands still, each time I hold you.
You're a special person, exempt of the few.
The look in your eyes, begs me to care.
So please accept these deep feelings I share.

Did you know..
When all seems to go wrong,
You're always there to help me be strong.
I think you know that I'll always be here,
Because to are so very dear.


Our paths crossed a long time back,
And in our hearts, a true caring didn't lack.
The moments we're together are one's of joy,
Yep, it's true..
I can tell each time I see a smile from you.

To see the twinkle in your eyes,
And know that in you, a deep love lies.
When you get heated and blush in your cheeks,
It shows our love soars, beyond mountains peeks.
I love you.

The sunrises to shine it's light on the world,
then you always appear..
As the most beautiful flower unfurled.
I am afraid that I must confess,
Your not so great, your really the best!

When we touch, your skin's soft like satin,
Just to be near you, brightens my life..
more then a lit up Manhattan.
And you, yourself, the most special and beautiful girl,
More precious then the most elegant pearl.

I love you and that's from my heart,
When i first layed eyes on you,
Love hit me fast like a dart.
So here we are, considering each other dears,
Do you know what your heart hears?

My Soul to Yours

I would give up the world,
To feel your kiss and taste,
And I would give my very heart,
To feel the love we share and placed.
I would give up all of my friends,
To walk with you again,
And I would give up all of my idles,
To re-enact the time we spend.
I would give all of my possesions,
To be with you alone,
And I would give up all my money,
To buy us a beautiful home.
I would give up all that I treasured,
To see your smiling face,
But I would give up my very soul,
To be held in your loving embrace


No mountains to high, for you to cliiimb,
all you have to do is have to do is have some faith,
no river's to wide for you to make it across,
all you have to do is believe it when you pray..
and then you will see, The morning will come..

And everyday will be bright as the sun..
all of your fears..cast them on me..I just want you to see...
I'll be your power up in the sky..
I'll be your shoulder when you cry..
I'll hear your voices when you call..

I am your Angel.

And when all hope has gone uphill..
no matter how far you are, I'm near..
it makes no difference what happens..I am your Angel.


To know your soul would make me whole.
To earn your heart is where our love could start.
A brightness shines on the world today,
and by your side is where I'll stay.
I love you.

Your soft lips on mine is so divine.
We hold each other in a close embrace,
It's more beautiful then Amazing Grace.
This love we share is so true,
Together in this life I am with you.

The universe is so unknown,
but through your eyes it's beauty is shown.
All the problems that were once here will cease to be,
and together we shall be as one,
Our souls as calm as the gentle sea.

A shooting star screams across the sky,
To show our love grows until we die.
Can you feel the spark between us?
It reaches out into space and pass Uranus.
I love you.

When you cry I can hear the drop of the tear,
but remember that even when apart, I am near.
You are the most special person in this world,
Our love blooms like a flower uncurled.
I love you.

Being There

Did I ever thank you for being there by my side?
When I had troubles, you didn't hide.
I always think to bother you seems so unfair,
but then you always show you care.
Thank you.

You always say how special I am,
and never tell me to shut my mouth like a clam.
My sorrow should never ever be yours,
but you're always there,
walking with me in hand in hand through lifes doors.

You say "I love you" and give me your heart,
Even when I'm not always in good moods to start.
Do you know how special you are to me?
Together through life we shall always be.
I love you.

You always want to share in my troubles,
and it touches my soul deep down,
where my caring for you doubles.
Your shoulder is always there me to lean on,
And my thoughts are only of you at the morning dawn.

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you,
Guess what? You're right,
together, anything we can get through.
I love you.

True Love

Tell me you love me in a whisper,
A quiet whisper,
A lovers whisper,
full of passion,
and full of life.

Melded into one.
With a soft whisper of love.
So sweetly,
One with each other.

Till the passion burns
and builds to a fire
that can only be quenched
by the whisper....of love.
I love you.

My heart to yours <3

My hearts sings your name out loud,
Because you brighten my world so much,
That even the most dismal of days are without a cloud,
Your smile is more warmer then the sun,
And my heart is yours till this life is done.

Fate controls our every moment,
and your love struck me and become so potent.
So we share this life together,
You are always as gentle as a feather.
Each day we have are ones of joy,

To me your heart is not a toy,
Yet you are such a priceless treasure,
That the moments we share are filled with such pleasure.
Do you feel the bond, closeseness and love we share?
Fate has shown that we are a special pair.

Ali, won't you please hear my heart?
It saddens me greatly each time that we part,
But my love for you keeps me strong,
For it is at your side that I belong.
Now I will say adieu, but know this, angel..
I love you.


On waves of blood sail the Ivory led,
Filling all hearts with Fear..
And Dredd..
Though it lie on the bottom of the sea
None of you have seen the
last of ME!

This World is tearin' itself apart
A World war is about to start
Someone has to take control
Before we all pay a heavy toll
Chaos reigns..and laws disappear
Look'll shed a tear

There is hope for the planet yet..
Just believe in yourself and you're all set
Someone has to make the world Unite
So we all may see another Stary night
I have no doubt that we will live
Our love will keep us together
With more life to give.

Our future is a gleaming light of hope
The Caring we share, stronger then the Pope
There is happiness for us ahead
But without you..I would die instead
The future I see is as bright as can be
Now that you are here with me.


The Battlefield now runs red with blood
The thousands upon thousands of Soldiers..lay dead in the mud..
Why did this battle have to happen?
Was it for freedom? Was it for land? Only the soldiers will understand..
Both forces now are low numbered and weary..
Yet they keep fighting..which just makes it more dreary..

Both Commanders yell to their troops "ALL MEN..ATTACK!"
The troops being so loyal...don't hold back..
The forces reformed again and ready to fight...
The battle grew longer from day into night
Once again they charged the field..
It was amazing how neither force would yield..

The sunrise brought an end to the fight..
Even more bodies and just wasn't right..
Why did it have to be this way??
Why couldn't they talk it out..and go their separate way..?
All the blood and death..was it all really needed?
Both countries leaders must be highly conceited..

Those were indeed brave men who gave up their lives..
I feel sorrow for their families, children, and wives..
Look around you...Tell me what do you see??
If you look long'll be called the Red sea...
((meaning the blood has turned the battlefield completely red))
The sight of the blood and bodies would give you a fright..
They should've remembered..without resolutions..we can not fight..

The battle is over...but the war is still coming
But for now..again I must bring an end to this writing
Just think of it the war that will'll be worst..10 fold..
All the men will give up their lives and the boys will never grow old..

Again I ask you is this all needed???


You are the most special thing to me
Who I speak of? We will see
You spark the flame that burns in my soul
It's you that always makes me whole..
You are the one that helps me through the day
And in my'll always stay..

The emptiness that was once my life..
Is replaced by happiness..cutting through like a knife..
You are the light in my darkness..
And I thank you for your great kindness
You're as gentle and beautiful as a soft rose petal..
Who I speak special..

Copyright © by Billy