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HELP ! !

Well OK I am about to go insane ! I have been searching and searching for this one Malibu Shores Picture, as in a cast picture of Randy Spelling. Which is *very* hard considering Malibu Shores is *no longer* on the air and only had nine episodes.

I bet you are asking yourself, "Now, how do you know that this picture exsists?" well that's a very good question. You see, I have this picture printed out , but at the time when I printed it out it did not occour to me , to book mark the Malibu Shores page, becuase I hadn't started this page yet.

Well I can tell you have another question "Well then, since you have the picture printed out why don't you scan it in?" Well see, I don't have a scanner plus, the printer I have is only black and white, but the picture is color.

in other words...

I really need to find the cast picture of Randy Spelling, for Malibu Shores ! Any help will be *very* apperciated. . .!

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