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****AUGUST 12****
Well, I have finally got this page in *ok* condition, and have submitted it to the Search Engines.

I also have word of an NBC online chat tonight at 8:30 central, with Randy Spelling and many other teen stars. I myself will not be able to make it, but will get the Transcript as soon as possible

~~~~AUGUST 13~~~~

Today I added some a new banner to the the thankyous/banner page and a new *link* to the *link* section-- enjoy !

****AUGUST 14****

I just found out about a Randy Spelling Chat at Yahoo on August 20 1998 at 7:00 central, so don't miss it ! Remember you MUST be a MEMBER of YAHOO to participate in the *chat* so you can go to Yahoo and join
I *also* added 2 new links to my Links Page *including* a ~Randy Spelling Page Link~ so have fun ~

****AUGUST 15****
Today I rearranged the whole page, and I added a transcripts section. Well right now it only has one transcript, but when more become avalible I will add them.

****AUGUST 16****
I added two *new* pictures to the Sunset Beach Pictures . And I believe that is all.

****AUGUST 18****
Today, I took three more *snappy* shots from Sunset Beach, so there are *three* new pics at the Sunset Pictures

You are listening to "Building a Mystery"

****August 22****

Today I added my banner to my front page...and I added The Many Moods of Randy Spelling banner to my thank you / banner page. I updated the What's happening with Sean ? Page. . and if anyone cares (yeah right) I added a picture of the Barenaked Ladies (the band !!) to my Email Me Page.

****August 23****
*eh hem* today I took the banner off my front page. . because I made a *new* banner. And I did my best to update the What's happening with Sean ? page. . I also made a new collage, for the *what's happening with Sean Page* and you can also find it on Sunset Beach Pictures Page, and I think that is about it.

****August 25****
In the miscellaneous pictures section, you can now find a picture of Tori and Randy Spelling at an Awards show. And I know, you can thank me later, I also put a picture, of the notorious, Pop up video scene, with Maria and Dana, you can go here . I also put in another picture of the bare naked ladies here (THE BAND YOU NAUGHTY PEOPLE !!!!!)

****September 1****

well, heh heh, today I added a big, ONE picture to the sunset beach section has been a very productive day as you can see :\. I apoligize for not updating my "what happening with sean?" page, but I have been *extremely* busy....