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Trouble-shooter briefing



Welcome to the trouble-shooter briefing room citizen. Is there anything you wish to ask the computer about this game?


"What is it I have to do in the game?"


After signing up to be a trouble-shooter, the computer will reply to you informing you whether you have reached this honorary status. If you become a trouble-shooter you will be raised to red security clearance. The next step is to sign up for a mission from the available missions room. This can be done by sending the computer an email, informing the computer of what mission you want to be a part of. The computer will then reply to you informing you on how you and the other trouble-shooters also on that assignment performed in the mission. You then have to reply to the computer, explaining why certain treasonous activities happened on the mission which the computer will have informed you about in his mission report.


"So what is the objective of the game?"


To remain alive! If you fail to come up with a good explanation as to why treasonous activities happened on your mission you will be exterminated. If you come up with a reasonable and preferably humorous explanation as to why the treasonous activities occurred, then you will be allowed to live. If you manage to blame the treasonous activities on another trouble-shooter with a good explanation then not only will you be allowed to live, but you will also be promoted to the next security clearance level.


"How can I blame another citizen for my treasonous activities?"


A list of all the trouble-shooters accompanying you on your mission will be supplied in the mission report. Simply blame it on one of these.


"What's the advantage of being promoted to the next security clearance level?"


Security clearance levels are a measure of the computer's trust for a particular trouble-shooter. The higher your security clearance level, the more the computer trusts you and therefore the less likely the computer is to execute you. Also, if a blue level security clearance level citizen and a red security clearance level citizen are blaming something on each other, the computer is more likely to believe the blue security clearance level citizen.


"What are the security clearance levels?"


Starting with the lowest and going up:


Red - (Trouble-shooter starting level)







( Ultra-violet )



Pssst ! This way citizen