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Available missions

The space probe cer-tain-D.O.O.M. is believed to be malfunctioning. The computer lost contact with the space probe just as it left the earth's atmosphere. The computer suspects that the transmission devices are not functioning properly. You and your group of trouble-shooters will be sent to investigate.

"Pssst! Your secret society has received information that a top-secret device was placed onboard the space probe. When research and design were creating this device there was a big drain in the sectors power supply. We believe the device to be a new super weapon and wouldn't an enclosed area like a space probe be a perfect place to test it on some worthless trouble-shooters, especially since no-one would be able to prove it since contact with the space probe has been lost."

Mission status: not available

Currently assigned to mission: none




Strange occurrences have been reported in BEE sector and many citizens have reported to the medical facilities with strange red marks on their bodies, which apparently cause great pain. Since these are red marks, all infrared level citizens in that sector found with these marks have been executed. You and your group of trouble-shooters must find what causes these marks and destroy it/them. This mission must be carried out with great haste since the computer is quickly running out of infrared security clearance level citizens in this sector.

"Pssst! We have heard that some members of a rival secret society have made trips to the outside and brought back creatures with them. We believe that they plan on using these things to destroy the computer and the other secret societies so that they can take over alpha complex. Some of these creatures must be captured so that we can examine them and work out a way to protect our selves against them."


Mission status: not available

Currently assigned to mission: none



More missions will be available soon.

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