LaRouche Speaks Out On Assault on President

by Jeffrey Steinberg

Printed in The Executive Intelligence Review, February 6, 1998.

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On Jan. 28, in an interview with the international weekly ``EIR Talks'' radio program, Lyndon LaRouche spoke about the attack against President Bill Clinton. Here are excerpts from that broadcast.

Now, the origin of this is well known. The overall architecture of the targetting of Clinton comes from Great Britain, from the British monarchy, and its intelligence services. By ``British monarchy,'' we do not mean necessarily the United Kingdom, though there are elements of the United Kingdom involved. For example, you have two elements of British Commonwealth intelligence, which include the Hollinger press chain and the Murdoch press chain. These are key elements of the operation against Clinton inside the United States. That's the Murdoch press, the Hollinger press, and so forth.

In Britain itself, people close to this network--the London Times, for example, is owned by the Murdoch press chain, and Murdoch, of course, is a Beaverbrook protégé, or offshoot, or clone, based out of Australia, but British Commonwealth in his operations, whereas Conrad Black of the Hollinger Corp., and the Hollinger Corp. itself, is an offshoot of what was, for a long time in the post-war period, called the Argus Corp., which was a spin-off of the British intelligence operation for penetration of the United States, based in Canada during World War II, or just before World War II, in the procurement operations of the British government.

So, the genesis of the operation against Clinton comes from the British monarchy, not necessarily the United Kingdom institutions otherwise, as such. You'll find differences within the United Kingdom, factional differences on dealing with Clinton, whereas, on the top level of the British monarchy, you will find the British monarchy is out to get him, and out to get and destroy the United States. Most conspicuous in this is the case of Prince Philip, who is the Consort of the Queen, who is a key factor in this, and has been, since 1960, '61, at least.

But, the immediate operation has another feature. You have Richard Mellon Scaife of the Mellon family, and things similar. This is a product of an intelligence network developed in the United States, especially from about 1938 on, which was part of the British intelligence operation targetting the United States, working against Franklin Roosevelt, for example, during World War II, and the post-war period. This group was based partly in the Office of Strategic Services. It included the FBI: J. Edgar Hoover was part of the operation, British control. And, it was based in the London OSS, in part, that's where Mellon Scaife's pedigree comes from, where the Mellon family pedigree comes from. This is well known to us. We know this intimately, inside and out.

George Bush and "the secret government"

In more recent times, especially over the course of the middle to latter part of the 1970s, when George Bush was being groomed for his run for the 1980 Republican nomination for President, Bush became a key figure in this. Not because of his appointment as CIA director, which was very short-lived--it was a fill-in position--but because of his association with a different part of the intelligence community, which, at that point, interfaced with the CIA, but was not part of it. This is the part that is sometimes called ``the secret government.'' And Bush is not a creator of the secret government; that is, the secret government is not a creation of George Bush, but George Bush, since the middle of the 1970s, has slid into a very crucial position as a central figure of an operation which we know best, I think, the public knows best, under the name Iran-Contra....

So, Bush came into power as a key figure, used by this apparatus, in the latter part of the 1970s. This, of course, has links back, as in the case of Lucianne Goldberg, who is a key figure in the sex scandal operation against the President, and who was a key part of the Nixon Watergate plumbers operation, the California base tied to people like Moe Dalitz, the Lansky associate, and others, from that period. That's the kind of stuff.

So you have the elements of organized crime: Boston bankers, the Boston families; New York bankers; and Southern pro-slavery types, or Confederacy buffs, shall we say, like Woodrow Wilson, who was a buff of the Ku Klux Klan, and actually refounded this second incarnation of the Ku Klux Klan, from 1915 on, openly and publicly from the White House. So, this is the problem.

Now, these guys in the United States are the immediate track into the sex scandal. In the case of Kenneth Starr, who is sort of an Elmer Gantry type--You know, my joke is, well, he says he has a dress with a semen stain on it. The question is, how did he acquire it and where did he wear it? This guy is not exactly all there. But he's an agent of what? He's a totally controlled agent of this apparatus, specifically of a guy who is a key part of this apparatus, Richard Mellon Scaife.

All right. Now look behind Starr's operation. The key figure here, of course, as has been exposed, is that Starr is an asset of Richard Mellon Scaife. Richard Mellon Scaife is very well known to us. We have his pedigree. He's a little bit crazy. But, put insanity aside; Starr is also a little bit crazy: They are still operatives. The fact that the guy who mugged you was crazy, does not detract from the fact that he's a mugger.

The key institution behind this, which we're familiar with in this connection, includes the Wall Street Journal; the Wall Street Journal, which is the major daily newspaper of the United States these days. It doesn't have a Sunday edition; that they may correct sooner or later. But the Wall Street Journal is a very dirty operation, particularly these days. It's a part of the secret government operations involving George Bush and people like that during the 1980s, under Executive Order 12333, covert operations.

Then you have the Washington Times aspect of this. It's somewhat different than the Wall Street Journal, but this is tied to Bo Hi Pak, who is regarded by many as one of the most effective money-launderers in the business, associated, of course, with the Moon church, and who is a key figure in the operations which are headed by George Bush and Ollie North in such things as running crack cocaine operations into California, and so forth. Not the CIA, but George Bush and Ollie North, and their people.

The American Spectator is a creation of both the British and Mellon Scaife, even though he's recently had a quarrel with it. (They think he's insane, and they're right on that, the first thing they've been right on in some time.) There is a very important Israeli connection to this: the dirty side of the Israeli operations, that is, the people behind Netanyahu. There are also special British interests. For example, you find the old crowd of Joe Churba and these guys; that dirty side of the pro-Israeli, and sometimes called Zionist lobby. Not the average Jew. This is not a Jewish organization. It's a special operation, which cloaks itself in the flag of Israel, but runs its own operations inside and outside of Israel. But its cover is, generally, and we know this directly, in great detail, from London.

The aim of the operation

Now, the overall purpose of this operation, is a sex scandal, which is the British technique, used to divert attention and, as I said at the outset, divert effective action away from the real issues of this moment, the issues which will determine the future existence of civilization on this planet, issues not of the distant future, but issues of today.

We are now in the biggest financial crisis of the Twentieth Century. It's global. As of this moment, Indonesia is in a state of actual, effective debt moratorium. That is going to happen. Indonesia's on the way, under present policies, toward a hyperinflationary explosion like that of Weimar Germany between 1921 and 1923.

The same thing is threatened elsewhere. Russia is blowing up. Brazil is about to blow up. All of South and Central America are about to blow up. All of Southeast Asia is blowing up. We have a Middle East crisis that won't quit. We have an Africa crisis which is being aggravated by Prendergast and other creeps, who have inserted themselves inside the National Security Council operations for Africa. I think these guys should be thrown out of there.

But this kind of thing, all these real issues are going on. Now, the President is being distracted, and the apparatus, and the public attention, is being distracted from the real issues, for a phony little sex scandal, by a girl, you know, who's a Clinton campaign supporter, that is, her family, who was given an internship in the White House, and who projects herself as a bit of a groupie. She's picked up by this intelligence creature, who comes from the apparatus which ran with George Bush....

Linda Tripp. It then goes back to Lucianne Goldberg, who is the adviser and political controller for Tripp, who was a part of the original Hollywood-based, Moe Dalitz-linked Watergate plumbers, back in the early 1970s.

So, what you have, is something which is, overall, British-linked, and probably British-directed. Locally, it's run under the cover of George Bush, and it's linked to the dirty tricks operation inside the Republican Party since the early 1970s, since the days of the Watergate plumbers. It is a continuation of the Watergate plumbers operation, down to the present day, even though it's tied to Boston bankers, New York bankers, and to Southern Confederacy buffs.

It is operating largely out of the Southern Confederacy buffs, and is operating under the background of support of several million Americans, the so-called evangelicals, who are pretty much an intelligence operation themselves.

A "Bad Tripp"

And here somebody comes along and says, ``Well, the President made a pass at a groupie who was working at the White House, and who was shifted out of there when the situation became a little bit too much for him to have to fend off this groupie constantly.'' She's not necessarily a bad person, but she's just--you know, she's a victim.

And this girl is being operated upon, by a ``bad Tripp,'' Linda Tripp, who is a part of the Bush intelligence apparatus. Not because Bush owns her, but because she's part of the dirty part of our intelligence apparatus, operating out of the Defense Department. And she is being advised by a Lucianne Goldberg who is a part of the Nixon Watergate operation, tied to Moe Dalitz and company from California, back from the early 1970s. A real filthy crowd, along with an ostensibly insane but influential Mellon Scaife from Pittsburgh, part of the Mellon apparatus; the Wall Street Journal, which is one of the dirtiest publications politically in the United States, one of the most crooked, lying publications in the United States, and one of the most influential.

So, this is what we have. And so now, somebody comes out: ``Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex! Sex!'' Soap opera. Fantasyland. And the attention of the American public is being diverted from that