"What (some) bands do is go, 'It's not important that I'm a girl, it's just important that I want to rock.' And that's cool. But that's more of an assimilationist thing. It's like the just want to be allowed to join the world as it is; whereas I'm more into revolution and radicalism and changing the whole structure. What I'm into is making the world different fo me to live in" ~KATHLEEN HANNA

"I hate the attitude of, 'oh we already have a Lydia Lunch, so we don't need a Bikini Kill.' Well, there's like 2 hundered million all-male bands writting 'baby baby I love you, let me drag you around on my ankle.' Is that enough already? Duh!" ~KATHLEEN HANNA

Bikini Kill was started in Olympia, Washington around the same time as many commercially successfull bands (like Nirvana, whom they opened for on may occasions). BK is not a real girl band(Billy plays guitar) but they are a GRRRL band. Kathleen and Co. helped start the RIOTGRRRL movement which has gotten bad media play. They were offered many chances to sign on major labels but always stuck to thier ideals and never sold out. They signed to KILL ROCK STARS and were loyal. The band has now split up but its members continue to perform solo.

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