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This is my list of bad traders. This is a list of people who I have given fansubs to or money and they have not sent me anything. Also on this page are traders who other people have dealt with. If you see your name here and it was given to me by someone else, DO NOT email me to take your name off of the page. Email the person who sent me the information and they can email me to take your name off. My purpose in making this page is to either embarrass the people on it to eventually live up to their part of the deal or to get them ostracized from the rest of the anime community. If you know of anyone who should be on this list, please email me as much information as you can about the bad trader (email address, real name, snail mail address, phone number if you know, and a description of what happened). I know that there are a few lists like this out on the internet, but I figured that the more there are, the more likely it is someone will see it and will know who not to deal with. Please email me at to send me any information you have on bad traders.

On to the bad traders. The email address of the suppliers of the information will not be given out yet. I am still waiting for them to tell me if they want their email adress posted.

********submitted by Zac Bertschy 10151 W. Picture Rocks Rd. Tucson, AZ 85743 email address: "I was ripped off by a guy and I found his non aol address. He said he sent the tapes and he would trace them, but he hsan't, and now his web page is gone, so I am totally assuming he ripped me off. He never even bothered to read my mail when I wrote him, so I don't know what's going on. His other email address is If you ever meet him, do NOT trade with him.

*********submitted by "I sent this guy named Tofusensei money for SailorMoon episodes and the musicals, and it's been almost a year now, and nothing! His email addy is, and his page is now non-existent. I haven't gotton any emails from him or anything."

*********submitted by (hidden until further notice) "Be sure not to order any fansubs from William Chow. He doesn't rip you off per se, but only copies to 6 hour format, the subtitles are horribly timed and translated, and the tapes take over 3 months to arrive."

*********submitted by (hidden until further notice) Charlie Blackwelder also going as Chuckles. Atlanta, Georgia

We have always had trouble with him in the past. He took forever to send us ANYTHING, and lied about it. He'd say, "I'll send it this date", and he wouldn't. He once told us that he sent something September 3rd, but when we finally got our package, it had been sent the 16th. At the end of last year, he promised to send us many things by Januray3rd. We sent him his package of 20 tapes at the end of January. He FINALLY sent us SOME tapes at the end of April.

He said he couldn't send our tapes of Wedding Peach Vol. 10 - 13, because he let someone BORROW our tapes.

He sent the anime on OLD REUSED tapes. One even had the ED of SMJ at the end of the tape, subbed by Hecto. The copy tags were taken out of several of the tapes. Some had glue on the spine of the tape. Some had geneic labels on the spines. Not all came with labels that would go with the tape.

They were brands that would make any good trader cringe in horror. Brands we never heard of, and after we had specified brands.

He told us that he didn't like Maxell because they broke in his VCR and that 3 of the tapes HAD broken. We said we'd replace them if he told us which tapes. He never answered that email.

This came up because one of the tapes he has sent had broken in the VCR the moment we put it in. He said he wouldn't replace it.

We're STILL waiting for the Wedding Peach from him, as he STILL owes us 4 tapes. It's almost been 9 months.

Finally, we have found this out from a reliable source in the US. He was recently able to go to an Anime Con. He met Charlie Blackwelder there. He says that he was SELLING anime tapes, on old tapes, to people for $10 each.

Please avoid this person at Cons and do not believe his lies.

******* submitted by "ok, here's the deal. Four months ago, I sent Knights Subbers and Distributors, $14 for MKR 21 - 28. I still to this day have not received them. I emailed them about a month ago after sending it and then they said it would be out next week. It wasn't. Then, over the next 3 months, I sent them email, but I never got any replys. These cheats are on the Anime Web Turnpike and the Fansub Web Ring, but I can't see to get them to help me with Knights Subbers. Their web site is and the email address is

Hey, you bad trader, your name has been seen times.