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This site has moved to this address.
Follow the link and click "Elite/Frontier Resources" on the left toolbar!

The site has been integrated with the Anti-Matter Productions main site. Please update your bookmarks / links. These pages will be left on here for posterity and to avoid broken links!


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Welcome to the Gaming Resources site of Anti-Matter Productions.


This site has just been accepted as a member of The Elite Ring!

Like my new logo? I got fed up waiting for Lockheed to do me one (I've waited nearly six months!) so I knocked the above one together myself in Truespace.

If you're looking for information on Millennium 3: Future's End, the forthcoming game from Anti-Matter Productions, THE OFFICIAL MILLENNIUM 3 SITE HAS MOVED!! To THIS ADDRESS.

Now dedicated mainly, if not totally, to the following computer games: Elite, Frontier: Elite 2, and Frontier: First Encounters.

This site contains a number of files concerning the Elite series of games, including the full versions of each game. Please read the disclaimers marked "Warning:" before you download any of the games.

New: Download standard MIDI versions of all the Frontier: First Encounters music files right here.
Also new: Screenshots page with loads of the best images from the game!
Newest: Download the Frontier: First Encounters intro sequence as an animated GIF here!


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What's new?

Frontier music

Frontier saved games

Frontier intro

Frontier screenshots

Frontier: First Encounters

Frontier: Elite 2






Frontier: First Encounters 1.26Mb UK Floppy 1.02 disk 1 Download 1.37Mb UK Floppy 1.02 disk 2 Download 60.0Kb UK Floppy 1.02 disk 3 Download 4.11Kb Makes space black! Download 9.41Kb Converts FFE music files into MIDI files. Or download the converted MIDI files right here! Download

Warning: Do not download Frontier: First Encounters or Frontier: Elite 2 unless you own a license to use them. Downloading software and using it for more than 24 hours without the correct license is illegal in most countries.


Frontier: Elite II approx 400Kb Second version Download 10.8Kb Removes manual protection Download

Warning: Do not download the Frontier crack unless you already own a license to use the software. Downloading and using the crack in order to gain illegal access to Frontier is software piracy!


Elite 129Kb Original PC Elite (1987!) Download

Information: Elite has now been released into the public domain.



Anti-Matter Productions The core site and World HQ of Anti-Matter Productions.
The Silo: TSC Anti-Matter Productions site devoted to game cheats and levels, recently relaunched. Usenet group frequented by fans of the Elite series like myself.
Jades' FFE Site A great wealth of information on Frontier: First Encounters, maintained by Graham "Jades" Thurwell.
Life on the Frontier A really well-designed Elite series site maintained by Matt Dibb. Great stuff! :-)



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Frontier: First Encounters - download the game now.