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We have gotten many hate mails calling us sick because we hate Titanic. They think we are sick because we hate a movie about all those people died that night. WHAT?!? We aren't SICK just because we hate Titanic! And yes, our hearts go out to all of those people who died and all their family members. BUT, what is sick about the movie is James Cameron! He is making money off all those people who died that night! And all of you who go on and on about Rose and Jack, THEY ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! James Cameron took a horrible event and turned it into fiction! THAT'S WHAT IS SICK! All of that money made off of Titanic is blood money.

If you really want to watch Titanic, go to your library and get books on it, or watch a documentary so you can learn what REALLY happened and not James Cameron's sick vision. Out of the documentarys, NONE cost 200+ million to make and are better with more history.

People! Don't let James Cameron make anymore blood money off of the people who died.