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Okay, here are a few quotes from others. More coming soon.

"The romance was boring and fake, the villains wereone note. Everyone was so irritating that i couldn't wait for the ship to crash so they would all go down with it. But I give it credit for the special effects. It must be really hard to make all those cardboard characters talk."
-Kevin, 31

"The two main characters left me cold. I never cared about what happened to them. By the way, I went to art school. Those sketches of Leonardo DiCaprio's that are supposed to be so good were awful."
-Tracy, 27

"Best movie of the year? Fourteen nominations? This is the most overrated film of the year."
-Jim, 39

"I never bought the romance. In that era, a young woman of that class would not have behaved that way. She would not have used that kind of language, and she would not be aware of Freud's sexual studies. It was laughable. Unfortunately, people fall into this blockbuster mentality and like a movie just because they think they should."
-Stephanie, 50

"I expected a movie about a ship, and for the first two hours, all I got was this ridiculous romance between two boring people. And some line- what a joke. My 8-year-old grandaughter could have written better dialogue."
-Paul, 63

"I don't know which is sadder; all the people (on the Titanic) that died, or corpoate America making money off all the people that died."
-Kristi, 17

"I don't know which is sadder- how long it took the goddamn ship to sink or Leo's sexuality."
-Jayde, 17

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