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Big Hill Lake; Cherryvale, Kansas

Big Hill lake is located in Labette County. There are three equestrian areas, two which offer primitive camping. It is not clear from the map I received if there are restrooms or water available in any of the areas. We hope to ride this park in August so check back for an update. There are approximately 17 miles of trails which you will need to double back on to get back to your vehicle. The trail allows you to ride three-fourths of the way around the lake.

Check back, I'll be posting pictures here soon.

Check back in August

From 169 Highway south of Kansas City exit on K-160 East and follow the signs for the park or continue south on 169 to Cherryvale (West side of resevior) or Timber Valley (East side of resevior) campgrounds

Admission fee $ (unknown)
Overnight Camping fee $ (unknown)

See you on the trails!

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