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Clinton Reservior

Clinton Reservior is located in Douglas County. The equestrian area is located on the South side of the reservoir. There are restrooms in this campground and it is reserved for equestrians only. There are two hydrants at opposite sides of the loop with camp sites located like spokes on the outside of the loop road, the inside of the loop is grassy. There is a separate parking lot for day use. There are 35 miles of trails, some are marked

Update 10/3/00:  Our trail club rode this park over the Labor Day weekend and commented that some parts of the lower trail were washed out on the way to the dam, trailblazing they made it to the dam and back, but the going was rough. One of the club members was injured (thankfully not very badly) when his horse slipped on a particularily rocky part of the trail. Then another riders horse was sucked into a bog hidden under a patch of grass down by the lake. All were well after this incident also. Care should be taken when riding at this park and helmets are probably not a bad idea either.

The terrian is medium (rocky) and some trails travel close to the lake (think boat/jet ski noise for spooky horses). Horse shoes are recommended.
We've been to this park once, for day use, and can't wait to get back, the sites to the left of the entrance look like they offered the most shade.

From I70 take 10 Highway South, across the Dam to 458 West, turn north onto 700E (Gravel Road) to Rockhaven Horse Camp. There are several state park signs, the campground is on Corp of Engineers land.

Vehicle fee $4.00
Overnight Camping fee $5.00
(check out time is 12:00 except Sundays and Monday Holidays then it's 2:00)

See you on the trails!

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