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KATY Trail; Sedalia, Missouri


KATY Trail State Park is located in Pettis County. The equestrian area is located on the South side of the State Fairgrounds, but is not part of the fair grounds. There is a large parking area and at the time we were there in May there were no restroom facilities. There was a water spigot located near the entrance to the parking lot so make sure you bring buckets to water the horses. The trail is approximately 51 miles (25.6 miles from Sedalia to Calhoun, then turn and ride back) There are several signs along the way pointing out that bikes and pedestrians yield to horses. There are also mile markers, the trail head starts at 229 so there is a little bit of math involved in figuring out how far you rode.

The trail is a level rail bed which was converted to a trail, shoes not required if horses are used to being barefoot.

The trail head was fairly easy to find, we came into Sedalia off 50 Highway and there were brown state park signs leading us right to the parking lot at the trail head.

Vehicle fee $0.00

See you on the trails!

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