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Kenneth Street Park; Martin City, Missouri


Kenneth Street Park is located in Jackson County. There is a soccer field and two Polo fields. If the polo players are not playing/practicing then park in the lot on the left of the drive and squeeze through the people gate up on the road. This trail follows the Blue River North to Swope Park. From the Road Atlas it looks to be about 20 miles one way and there are underpasses to take you past I-435 and 71 Highways. The trail crosses creeks, there are bridges (check out the pictures) and winds through woods and grassy areas. The trail head is across the Polo field by the utility poles. There are signs asking that you not ride on the fields, they are easily skirted.

Update 9/7/00:  We rode this trail for a few miles and heard gun shots. Not knowing exactly where they were coming from our what was behind the target we turned around. It is our guess that somebody was probably preparing a weapon for hunting season. We were able to explore a few spurs off the main trail, both dead ended but the one that ended at the creek was in a very pretty area (again, see the pictures). We should have tried to follow the creek for a little while to see if we could pick up the trial. Oh well, more adventure for the next time we ride there.

The trail is pretty level and not too rocky, it is also well maintained, shoes not required if horses are used to being barefoot.

From I-435 exit onto Holmes Ave South. Follow this road all the way to Martin City. Continue South through the light at the junction of 150 Highway. Kenneth Road is on the right just before you get to the top of the hill. It is also the last road in Jackson County. Follow this road for about a mile and the park entrance will be on the right just after the S curve. If you get to the "One Lane Bridge" you went too far.

Vehicle fee $10.00 payable to Jackson County for a sticker to put on the back of the trailer, good for one year at all Jackson County MO parks

See you on the trails!

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