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Metz Ranch, Plainville Kansas


The Metz Ranch is located in Ellis and Rooks County. This is a privately owned ranch which we were invited to ride by the owner. The ranch consists of approximately 2500 acres which has a river running through it as well as beautiful bluffs. We arrived at the ranch in March, which for Kansas means risking getting caught in bad weather. Sure enough, Saturday's ride was good but by Sunday morning it was clear we needed to break camp and head home to beat the storm. This is an undeveloped property as far as trailriding, this is what made it such a great trip for us and worth the five plus hour drive. The owner was very gracious and drove around the property in his 4x4 to show us particular areas of the ranch. The one trip to the top of the bluff was great, lots of hills to climb, the river to cool off in and pastures to ride across. There were a few wild things, coyotes and turkeys, luckily being wild they saw/heard us way before we knew they were there and by the time we saw them they were heading away from us. Hopefully the owner will open the ranch up for trail riding soon, this was a great place to explore, if only the weather had held. Check out the pictures.
The terrian is medium to hard with some water and road crossings and lots of hills and valleys to maneuver. Horse shoes are not needed if your horses are used to being bare foot. This is a wonderful place to ride but not for unconditioned horses if you want to see it all.

See note at bottom of this page

See note at bottom of this page

Note: The details of the ranch will not be posted on this site until permission has been obtained from the owner of Metz Ranch. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship with the owners of Metz Ranch and risk not being able to ride here again.

See you on the trails!

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