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Mills Ranch, Sun City Kansas


The Mills Ranch is located in Barber County. This is a privately owned ranch which we were invited to ride Memorial Day weekend by a friend of the owners. One thing about being a trial rider, we've met some of the nicest people. From the land owners to the other riders. We also saw some old friends this weekend which is always a treat. We spent Saturday and Sunday exploring and climbing the bluffs on this beautiful property. We followed a trail that led us down into a valley with a great view of the bluff with the creek running by at the bottom. Check out the pictures, some parts of Kansas may be flat but not this ranch. We were also able to bring our dogs along for a ride on Sunday. We headed out from camp separate from the rest of the group, not sure how the dogs would get along with the horses. Turned out great, other than a brief separation we all made it back to camp. There are no pictures of the dogs as they were moving way to fast to capture their images, even with the new camera.

The terrian is medium to hard with some water and road crossings and lots of hills and valleys to maneuver. Horse shoes are not needed if your horses are used to being bare foot. This is a wonderful place to ride but not for unconditioned horses if you want to see it all.

See note at bottom of this page

See note at bottom of this page

Note: The details of the ranch will not be posted on this site until permission has been obtained from the owners of Mills Ranch. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize our relationship with the owners of Mills Ranch and risk not being able to ride here again.

See you on the trails!

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