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Pawnee Prairie Park, Wichita


Pawnee Prairie Park is located in Sedgwick County Kansas. This is a multi-use park. There is a golf course, hiking and biking cement trail that runs through the park as well as several miles of unpaved trails for horseback riding. The equestrian trailer parking area is located in the first parking lot on the right after entering the park. There is a sign stating "trailer parking". There is a picnic pavilion with restrooms and a water hydrant in the field to the left of the parking areas. I am not sure of the trail distance, I was unable to obtain a map of the trails either but they are fairly easy to navigate by the directional signs scattered throughout. Also, whenever we would exit the woods I would look across the field to find the radar dome over at the airfield, this dome is located across the street and a little to the north of the park entrance so I was able to use it as my "north-star" in orienting myself while on the trails. This is a very nice park for day riding. We rode about 4 hours on Saturday and then an hour and a half on Sunday. The parking lot has ample parking for big rigs and on Saturday we parked up on the grass as did several other riders. I took several pictures so check the link at the top of this page to view them.

The terrian is very easy on the horses and horse shoes are not needed. This is a good place to condition the horses.

Enter the park off Tyler Road south of 54 highway/Kellog Street on the west side of town, the park entrance is south of the golf course entrance and club house.

See you on the trails!

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