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Timber Valley Ranch, Formoso Kansas


Timber Valley Ranch is located in Jewell County. This is a privately owned ranch which our club reserves for Memorial Day weekend. The hosts of the ranch obtain permission from the neighbors to allow us to ride across their land with the exception of one section of land which we ride around on an old road. The weekend involves two organized rides, Saturday and Sunday, with Monday being the day to explore the ranch. The "long" ride takes about 5-7 hours with a stop for lunch at Lovewell Reservior. Lunch is brought in as well as a trailer just in case it's too much for any of the horses to make it back. The "short" ride was abbreviated due to the heat, we split the day up into two rides, an early morning ride and a late afternoon ride.

Horse water is available as well as pens for them to spend the night in. Some horses were picketed and there are a few areas for setting up portable pens, less grass to mow.

There is a fully stocked three bedroom house available and catering can be negotiated with the hosts or you are welcome to bring and cook your own food.
The terrian is medium to hard with some water and road crossings and lots of hills and valleys to maneuver. Horse shoes are not needed if your horses are used to being bare foot. This is a wonderful place to ride but not for unconditioned horses if you want to see it all.

See note at bottom of this page

See note at bottom of this page

Note: The details of the ranch will not be posted on this site until permission has been obtained from the owners of Timber Valley Ranch. I do not want to do anything to jeopardize our clubs relationship with the owners of TVR and risk not being able to ride here again.

See you on the trails!

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