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Hi, folks

My name is ARI SULISTYO WIBOWO, but just call me ARI. I am from Indonesia, a beautiful country in SouthEast Asia. I was born in Surabaya the capital city of East Java, Indonesia, on June 12,1976 eventhough my parent originally came from a small rural area in East Java.

Actually, there is nothin' special about me. Like any ordinary Indonesian people. I was born in an environment with average social background with simple cultural attributes where they belong. But when the time passed by, I had experienced quite a number of different settings which had affected my frame of reference that shape me until now. I believe that will always change, and I hope it goes toward positive direction!

I graduated from Industrial Engineering of STT Telkom / Sekolah Tinggi Teknologi Telkom (Telkom School of Engineering). It is the one and only University that established by Telkom to become the “Center of Excellence” among telecommunication educational Institution. The Curriculum of my study are the same with other Industrial Engineering at general University, the differences that we are added with more knowledge of telecommunication business and management.

I work in MULTIMEDIA SOLUTION PROVIDER Ltd as President Director, we concern on multimedia services, High Speed Internet Access Services, Networking Infrastructure, E-Commerce, Information System, IT-Training, R & D, Web Hosting.

I have a father. His name is SUWOTO. But He was died. My mother's name is EMI SURASRI. She is a good teacher. She lives in Surabaya on Jl. Bratang Gede VI E / 42. I have a sister. Her name is ATIEK LESTARI. She was born in Surabaya on August 22, 1977. She is a beautiful girl. We are a happy family.

I have the best girl's friend. Her name is ATY ROCHMIATI.She was born in Brebes, on January 3, 1976. I really love her. Because she is a kind girl and she loves me too. Hopefully, I can get married with her about November 18, 2000.

In my spare time I like going to the cinemas or cafes, hanging out with my friends, reading, playing football, and I hate science fiction and horror films. I like Kevin Costner, Arnorld Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone. I'm a such a music freak.I like Dewa 19, Kla Project, PADI, Rif, Boyz II Men, Kenny G, David Foster, Dave Koz, Four Play, Peter Cetera, Toni Braxton, Mariah Carey, Iwan Fals, Doel Sumbang, Jana Julio, Ari Wibowo, etc. Sometimes music can make me forget my problems or sadness.

For further about me, You can read my Curriculum Vitae.

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Ari Sulistyo Wibowo,ST
90, Nguyen Thi Minh Kai
Ho Chi Minh City

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