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Hello, all you OTAKU friends!! You just entered "THE GALLERY". Here you will find pics of many popular anime titles, my favorite movie pics, and VIDCAPS. Except for 1 exception......the pics here are NOT the "run of the mill" pics you usually see on the internet. What you will also SEE, is something totally different!!!! NO other site has this.................3-D pics that can only be seen with 3-D glasses. So, get 3-D glasses from a cheap novelty store, and amaze at the COOL anime, movie, and VIDCAP pics!!! ENJOY!.....Also......look at bottom of this page, and contribute your opinion in my weekly POLL. Thanks!!









-Here is the poll for this week!! My polls will change every week from subject to subject. ***This weeks is TOYS*** Look for next months ***COMIC BOOK POLL***

- Movie, Anime, Toy, Comic Poll
What is your favorite current toys by far?

Transformers/Beast Wars toys
Phantom Menace Episode 1 toys
Todd Mcfarlane toys/ Includes Spawn, Movie Maniacs, Austin Powers, etc.
Any comic book related character toys/ Includes comic market exclusives


Meet my Pikachu "Tetsuo"

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