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Here it is, everything and anything I could find for you to download and run/install on your computer. I found 4 Rugrat themes, you will see a screen shot of what each on looks like below. 3 of them are zipped and you will have to unzip them to your c:\program files\plus\themes directory on your computer. 1 of them is already set up as an exec file that will automatically copy the files to the proper dircetory. (WARNING...when ever running an exec file that loads stuff like this on your computer, make sure your mom or dad help you as it may copy over top of something you already have and didn't want to lose). Click on the picture of the Rugrats Theme below that you want to download. They all come with sounds and icons but only the 2nd one comes with it's own screen saver. Oh! each one will take about 5 minutes to download with a 28.8 modem.

click picture click picture

click picture click picture

Here are 2 AVI movie files. The first one is from the TV show and the second is the Movie Trailer.

Rugrats Cartoon AVI File is 922k and should take about 5 minutes to download with 28.8 modem.

Rugrat Movie Trailer AVI This one is a little bigger, 2.78 Meg and will take about 15 minutes to download.


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