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Rugrat Episode Guide

1. Tommy's First Birthday
During Tommy's first birthday party, he and his friends decide they want to be dogs. Believing that eating dog food will turn them into dogs, they commandeer a radio controlled hover craft to get to the dog food.

2. Bar-B-Q
Nasty cousin Angelica hits Tommy's favorite ball over the fence during a Fourth of July picnic. Tommy and his fellow Rugrats journey into the neighbour's yard where they are confronted by a big dog. It's up to Spike to save the day.
Baby in my Soup
Stu and Didi take tommy to an important client dinner and he turns the chic restaurant into a circus.

3. At The Movies
The kids go to the movies, upset the patrons, wreak havoc at the concession counter, terrorize the projectionist and untangle film from eight different movies.
Slumber Party
Tommy dreams that his family takes on the physical characteristics of the figures in the mobile that hangs over his bed.

4. Baby Commercial
Phil and Lil star in a diaper commercial, upset the crew, and destroy the director's prized set.
Little Dude
Didi brings Tommy to school where she teaches Home Economics. Tommy gets lost on campus, ends up in a cafeteria food fight and befriends the coolest guy in school.

5. Beauty Contest
When they discover a great fishing boat is the first prize in the "Little Miss Lovely" baby contest, Grandpa and Stu dress Tommy up as a girl and enter him in the pageant.
Stu and Grandpa take Tommy to a baseball game. He wanders around the stadium and takes part in an important play.

6. Ruthless Tommy
Two hoods mistake Tommy for a millionaire's kid and kidnap him. They soon regret their crime when Tommy wreaks havoc on their hideout.
Moose Country
The Rugrats embark on a jungle adventure, looking for a moose in their backyard.

7. Grandpa's Teeth
Grandpa is supposed to play his trumpet at a Veteran's Picnic, but Spike runs off with his dentures. Tommy and Chuckie set out to rescue them.
Momma Trauma
Didi and Stu take Tommy to a baby psychologist after he crayons on the wall. They end up discussing Stu's problems and Tommy wanders through the building.

8. Real or Robots
After watching a scary TV show in which a kid discovers his dad is really a robot, Tommy wonders if his own father is a robot.
Special Delivery
Tommy climbs in the mailman's bag and ends up at the post office where he's mistaken for a piece of mail and sent through the production line.

9. Candy Bar Creepshow
Stu and Didi build a haunted house for Halloween and the Rugrats sneak in, looking for Raptar bars. They get tangled up in the props and Grandpa thinks the place really is haunted.
Monster in the Garage
The adults blame Spike for mysterious accidents in the garage, but Tommy believes his pet is innocent. Convinced the accidents are caused by a monster, Tommy talks the other Rugrats into a garage exposition.

10. Weaning Tommy
Did decides it's time to wean Tommy from the bottle, but he doesn't want to let go.
Incident in Aisle 7
Tommy gets excited when he sees a pyramid display of Raptar cereal boxes at the supermarket. He hitches his cart to another with sausage links and takes a wild ride through the supermarket.

11. Touch-Down Tommy
The dads are watching football on TV, the Rugrats are in their pen and Angelica decides she wants Tommy's chocolate milk bottle. She charges Tommy and a game of keep away ensues, inadvertently narrated by the TV set.
The Trial
The Rugrats stage a trial to determine who broke Tommy's clown lamp. Each kids recounts his story in a dramatic flash back.

12. Fluffy vs. Spike
Angelica and her kitty, Fluffy, act and look like evil twins. Fluffy breaks some pottery and Spike is wrongly accused.
Rep tar's Revenge
At the Sleazola Bros. Carnival, a guy in a rubber Raptar suit is giving out samples of Raptar cereal. Angelica runs off with his bag and everyone follows her on a wild chase that culminates in the "Tunnel of Love". 13. Graham Canyon
Stu and Did take Tommy and Angelica on a car trip to the Grand Canyon, but their car breaks down. While exploring the garage repair shop, the Rugrats unwittingly foil two unscrupulous mechanics who were planning to rip them off.
Stu-maker's Elves
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally toss their glider plane into the scary basement. They explore Stu's workshop and inadvertently fix an invention.

14. Toy Palace
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally are left in a huge toy store after closing. At first it's all fun and games, but when an oversized gorilla doll goes on a rampage, things start to get scary.
Sand Ho!
After Grandpa reads them a pirate story, Tommy, Chuck, Phil and Lil imagine that they're buccaneers on the high seas. They battle their nemesis Admiral Angelica and eventually find a long-sought treasure.

15. Chuckie vs. The Potty
When Chuckie spends a weekend at the Pickles house, he tells Tommy that his father is trying to potty train him. Things just get worse when Angelica torments him by turning the water on and off. In the end, Chuckie conquers the potty and Angelica has a little accident.
Together at Last
When Phil and Lil get into a fight over a toy, Betty separates them by sending Lil to Tommy's while Phil stays home. But it's not too long before Tommy and Chuckie help Lil reunite with her brother.

16. The Big House
Tommy gets put into a new-age care centre that seems an awful lot like prison. After winning over the 'inmates', Tommy engineers a jailbreak.
The Shot
When Tommy has to go to the doctor to get a 'rooster shot', he and another baby try to make an escape, wreaking havoc through the hospital. They are finally caught, and end up learning that a shot isn't that scary after all.

17. Showdown at Teeter-Totter Gulch
Tommy and Chuckie go to a new playground where the peace-loving kids live in fear of a bully called 'the junk-food kid'. Doing his best Gary Cooper, Tommy makes the playground a safe place for all the toddlers to play.
Didi brings a strange mirror home from an antique store. Upon closer investigation, Tommy and Chuckie learn that there is a 'mirrorland' on the other side, and cross through in search of a good adventure.

18. Angelica's In Love
Angelica gets a crush on a new four year old boy who wears a leather jacket and rides a big wheel. Her heart is broken when the boy and his family move away but quickly mended when a new little French boy moves in.
Maximum Golf (Ice Cream Mountain)
As they're driving to the local ice cream place, Stu and Drew take a detour to a mini-golf course they enjoyed as kids. Bored with the game, the Rugrats wander off to find the last hole, "the ice cream mountain".

19. Regarding Stuie
When Stu is hit on the head by his latest creation, he suffers temporary amnesia and starts acting like a baby. At first, the Rugrats love this new edition to the gang, but then Tommy begins to miss his Daddy.
Garage Sale
When the Pickles have a garage sale to get rid of all their extra junk, the Rugrats lend a hand by gathering up all of the adults belongings. It's too late when the adults realize the house is empty.

20. Let There Be Light
While Stu is testing a new electrical toy, he accidentally blacks out the entire city. The Rugrats surmise that the light is trapped in the refrigerator. As they are about to open the fridge to 'release the light', Stu fixes the power. The house lights up, and the Rugrats conclude that they have saved the day.
The Bank Trick
While running errands with Didi, Tommy and Chuckie mistake the "ATM" for an 'M&M' machine. In search of the candy, they wreak havoc through the entire bank.

21. Family Reunion
En route to the Pickles family reunion, Angelica explains to Tommy that all parents give their children away to other parents at family reunions. Scared out of his mind, Tommy recruits the help of all his cousins at the reunion and they search for their own set of folks.
Grandpa's Date
Stu and Did prepare for an exciting night of videotapes and ice cream.

22. No Bones About It
At the Natural History Museum, Tommy and his pals see their first giant dinosaur skeleton. On the prowl for a souvenir for Spike who had to stay behind, Tommy leads the Rugrats on an expedition to get a bone out of the big pile.
Beach Blanket Babies (On the Beach)
Chuckie's father buys him 'sea monkeys' -- tiny frozen shrimp -- to keep as pets but Chuckie believes the creatures will be happier in the ocean.

23. Raptar on Ice
The Rugrats find a little lizard and immediately assume that it must be the baby Raptar, the dinosaur character they so adore.
Family Feud
After a game of charades gets a little too intense, the pickles and the DeVilles stop talking and the Rugrats set out to reunite the two families.

24. Superhero Chuckie
After watching the 1950's TV hero, Captain Blasto, the Rugrats convince Chuckie that he can become a superhero when he dons a purple cape.
The Dog Broomer
When Spike begins to smell just a little too ripe, Didi hires a dog groomer to clean him up.

25. Aunt Miriam
After watching a sci-fi movie about giant space ants, Tommy and Chuckie worry that Timmy's visiting Aunt Miriam might also be such a creature.
The Inside Story
Inspired by a science fiction film, the Rugrats decide to shrink down with a 'lazy-beam' in order to retrieve a watermelon seed from Chuckie's tummy.

26. A Visit From Lipschitz
Didi meets the world famous child care expert, Dr. Lipschitz, at a book signing and promptly invites him home for dinner.
What the Big People Do
The Rugrats fantasize about what it would be like to be adults. Although their understanding of the adult world is a little bit skewed, they eventually decide they like being babies after all.

27. The Santa Experience
The families escape to a mountain cabin in search of 'the perfect Christmas'. Things get a little crazy when Tommy and Chuckie lay traps for Santa and Chuckie's Dad dresses up as Santa and tries to squeeze his way down the chimney.

28. Visitors from Outer Space
After hearing Grandpa's stories from the American Star Inquirer, Tommy dreams of being taken aboard an alien spaceship.
The Case of the Missing Rugrat
When Grandpa accidentally loses Tommy, he must resort to his old private=eye skills learned in the thirties to track him down. Never did he imagine that he would find the boy practically adopted by two rich sisters who want to leave their money to him.

29. Chuckie Loses His Glasses
When a game of hide and go seek goes awry, Chuckie loses his glasses and the whole world appears to him in a blurry kaleidoscopic nightmare.
Chuckie Gets Skunked
A skunk sprays Chuckie and he becomes even more pitiful than usual.

30. Rebel Without a Teddy Bear
When Tommy's favorite stuffed animal gets taken away, he decides to take Angelica's advice and becomes bad.
Angelica the Magnificent
Angelica gets a 'Wee Wizard' magic kit as a gift. Much to her surprise, and to the astonishment of the Rugrats, she makes Lil disappear.

31. Meet The Charmichaels
A new family moves in across the street from Tommy. The three year old of the house, Susie, befriends Tommy and asks him to help her find her old room.
The Box
Stu buys Tommy a 'Kiddie Karnival' but Tommy and the Rugrats are much more interested in the potential of the box in which the 'Karnival' came.

32. Down the Drain
After Angelica tells them a horror story, Tommy and Chuckie develop a terrible fear of going down the drain.
Let Them Eat Cake
When Didi's younger brother Ben gets married, Tommy and Chuckie become enthralled by the multi-tiered wedding cake.

33. The Seven Voyages of Cynthia
Tommy and Chuckie accidentally lose Angelica's favorite doll, Cynthia, and must face the dilemma of whether to tell Angelica.
My Friend Barney
Chuckie gets an imaginary friend, Barney, whom no one except Chuckie can see of hear.

34. Feeding Hubert
The Rugrats develop a fascination with a garbage truck that comes every week, they think it's a monster named Hubert.
Spike the Wonder Dog
After the Rugrats see a TV show about a talking dog, they become convinced that Spike's been holding back, refusing to talk to them.

35. The Slide
After a traumatic experience at a 'Chuck E. Cheese' pizza joint, Chuckie develops a horrible fear of going down the slide. Tommy, Susie, Phil and Lil must help him conquer his fear.
The Big Flush
The Rugrats go to a public swimming pool and mistake the pool for a giant potty.

36. King Ten Pin
While Grandpa competes for the senior championship at a local bowling alley, the Rugrats explore a wreak havoc and in the end, discover that Grandpa's opponent is a cheat.
Runaway Angelica
After Drew punishes Angelica she decides to run away... to Tommy's house.

37. Game Show Didi
When Didi goes on a 'Jeopardy' style game show, she must confront her inner doubts.
Toys in the Attic
Boris and Minka agree to take care of Tommy and Angelica for a weekend, but their child care skills have grown rusty.

38. Driving Miss Angelica
After Angelica saves Chuckie from getting hit by a troop of big wheelers, she tells Chuckie he has to be her slave for life.
Susie vs. Angelica
Susie, the new kid on the block, sticks up for the Rugrats after Angelica's been picking on them.

39. Tooth or Dare
When Angelica learns about the Tooth Fairy from Susie's big brother Edwin, she forms a plan to get rich quick by pulling out Chuckie's teeth and putting them under her pillow.
Party Animals
During a sleepover at Angelica's, Grandpa read the Rugrats their bedtime story about Aladdin and his Magic Lamp. The story gets their imaginations going, and soon the Rugrats create their own fantasy and the house turns into a fun house.

40. Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster
When Randy Charmichael's boss, the producer of the Dummi Bears Show, comes over for dinner, the Rugrats, thinking Susie's going to have to move away to a bigger house if dinner goes well, try to sabotage the proceedings.
Twins' Pique
Phil and Lil decide they want to be different -- Phil tries to be like Chuckie, and Lil tries to be like Angelica. Eventually they discover the people they admire most are each other.

41. Chuckie's First Haircut
The Rugrats and Chaz all try to help Chuckie overcome his fear of getting his hair cut. Ultimately, Chuckie finally decides to just go through with it, and Chaz ends up completely bald due to letting Chuckie give him a bad haircut.
Cool Hand Angelica
After boasting to Susie that day camp would be no challenge for her, Angelica is sent to Susie's day camp, where she fails miserably until she develops team spirit.

42. The Tricycle Thief
When Susie's new bike is missing and Angelica shows up on an identical three-wheeler, Susie accuses her of stealing it.
Angelica plays doctor, diagnosing Chuckie with a disease that will turn him into a rhinoceros. Chuckie starts to accept his fate, but then notices that Angelica has several symptoms herself. She runs crying to Drew, worried about her case of 'rhinoceritis'.

43. Grandpa Moves Out
Grandpa, starting to feel like he's in the way, moves into a retirement home that looked great on TV but turns out to be boring. Tommy and Angelica come to visit him, and not only do they liven up the place, but Grandpa realizes how much they need him when he rescues them from trouble.
The Legend of the Satchmo
Grandpa takes the Rugrats on their first camping trip -- outside in the back yard. Stu, wandering around in the middle of the night to check on them, gets mistaken for the legendary 'Satchmo' monster that Grandpa warned the kids about.

44. Circus Angelicus
After a trip to the circus, Angelica stages her own big top, using the Rugrats as her three-ring acts.
The Stork
Angelica, informed that babies come from stork eggs, passes this on to the Rugrats, who find a crows egg and try to hatch a baby brother for Tommy.

45. The Baby Vanishes
Angelica puts 'vanishing cream' on Tommy and Chuckie, and pretends she can't see them in order to get them to sneak desserts for her.
Farewell, My Friend
After yet another wild adventure, Chuckie decides that Tommy plays too rough, and he's going to stay inside where it's safe.

46. When Wishes Come True
After Angelica is particularly nasty, Tommy wishes something bad would happen to her. When Drew brings over a life-sized statue of Angelica, the Rugrats assume their wish has come true and they try to turn the stone Angelica back to the real thing.
Angelica Breaks Her Leg
Angelica, stuck at Tommy's house while her parents are on vacation, fakes having a broken leg to get attention.

47. The Last Babysitter
When Susie's teenage sister Alisa baby-sits Susie and Tommy for the first time, Tommy and Susie suspect there are monsters loose in the house.
Sour Pickles
Grandpa tells Angelica and Tommy about Stu and Drew's boyhood : They used to fight all the time until they cooperated to find a TV set to watch their favorite show, 'Blocky and Oxwinkle'.

48. Raptar 2010
When the 'Raptar 2010' videotape breaks, the Rugrats each supply their own ending to the story, describing a Raptar that resembles their own characters.
Stu Gets a Job
Stu, trying to break through his 'inventors block', gets a job at Consolidated Lard, and Tommy keeps trying to sabotage him each morning in order to keep him from leaving the house.

49. Give and Take
After Chuckie admires Tommy's punching- bag clown doll, Tommy gives it to Chuckie. Tommy immediately misses the doll, but has to work up the nerve to ask Chuckie for it back.
Gold Rush
When Rugrats find a nickel in the park, Angelica's greed takes aver and she drives them to look for more.

50. Home Movies
While Stu shows boring slides of his family's vacation, the Rugrats draw their own 'slides' which come alive as they narrate their own 'day in the life' stories.
The Mysterious Mr. Friend
Stu invents a talking, walking, 'Mr.Friend' doll, which seems to have a few bugs that only become apparent when it's alone with the babies.

51. Cuffed
When Angelica sneaks a set of toy handcuffs and then gets stuck cuffed to Chuckie, she has to hide the situation from the adults until she can figure a way to get the cuffs off.
The Blizzard
Due to a meteorological anomaly, snow falls in the Rugrats neighbourhood, and the babies go off on a backyard fantasy adventure to find the North pole and get Santa to fix Chuckie's fire truck.

52. Destination Moon
The babies sneak into Grandpa's camping trailer, mistaking it for a rocket ship, then believe they've blasted off to the moon.
Angelica's Birthday
Angelica's terrified of getting older and having more responsibilities, so she pretends she's a baby, hoping to avoid having a birthday.

53. Princess Angelica
Angelica misinterprets her parents' remarks and believes she's an actual princess.
The Odd Couple
When Tommy stays with Chuckie for a few days, their individual quirks start to annoy each other.

54. Naked Tommy
Tommy decides that he'd rather go naked like his dog Spike.
Tommy and the Secret Club
Angelica forms a secret club and makes the babies compete to see who will be her chosen member.

55. Under Chuckie's Bed
When Chuckie gets a big boys' bed, Angelica tells him there's a monster underneath it.
Chuckie is Rich
Chaz wins $10 million in a sweepstakes.

56. Mommy's Little Assets
Charlotte gets stuck taking Tommy and Angelica to the office with her, where they wreak havoc and almost blow a deal, but she discovers that they are her most precious assets of all
Chuckie's Wonderful Life
Chuckie, depressed, gets a visit from his guardian angel, who shows him what everyone's life would have been like had he never been born. Chuckie cheers up when he realizes how much he's needed by others.

57. In the Dreamtime
Chuckie has a couple of vivid dreams one night, and then the other Rugrats are heard-pressed to convince him he's not still dreaming throughout the rest of the day.
The Unfair Pair
Tired of being left out at Phil and Lil's house, Angelica claims to know which twin is the favourite and which is the reject. Phil and Lil become suspicious and competitive, and Angelica tries to take advantage of the situation to become the favourite herself.

58. Chuckie's Red Hair
Chuckie's sick of all the fuss people make over his red hair, so he gets Tommy to dye it black with Grandpa's dye.
Spike Runs Away
When Spike runs away, Stu tries to replace him with a series of new pets for Tommy, but nothing works. Finally, someone returns Spike to Tommy, and the boy and his dog have a joyous reunion.

59. The Alien
In order to keep the Rugrats from playing in Chuckie's new playhouse (which is too small to fit her), Angelica tells the Rugrats that Chuckie's an alien from outer space and the playhouse is his rocket ship.
Mr. Clean
After Chaz gives Chuckie a lecture about germs, Chuckie becomes a germ freak and refuses to touch anything for fear of accidentally coming into contact with a germ.

60. Angelica's Worst Nightmare
Charlotte announces she's pregnant, and Angelica worries that she'll be forgotten once the new baby arrives.
The Mega Diaper Babies
The Rugrats fantasize that they are super heroes in order to rescue their TV heroes from the wicked "Angelitron".

61. New Kid In Town
Tired of Angelica's bullying, the rugrats go play with another kid in the park, Josh. When Josh turns out to be an even worse bully, Angelica shows up to rescue "her babies" from him.
Pickles vs. Pickles
Angelica decides to sue her parents for divorce after they insist she eat some broccoli. She wins the case, but then Drew wakes up and realizes it was all his own bad dream.

62. A Rugrats Passover
The Rugrats go to Boris and Minka's for Passover, and get locked in the attic with Boris, who's recounting of the Passover story is seen through Angelica's eyes, using the Rugrats as historical characters.

63. Kid TV
The TV breaks, and all the Rugrats use a cardboard box to create their own shows, not missing the actual programming at all.
The Sky is Falling
In response to one of Chuckie's questions, Angelica makes up a "fact" that the sky is falling and the world is ending.

64. I Remember Melville
Chuckie adopts a pet, Melville the Bug. When the bug dies, Chuckie has a hard time accepting it, and goes through the normal grieving process of denial, anger, and then acceptance.
No More Cookies
After Angelica overdoses on cookies and winds up with a stomach ache, she makes the Rugrats promise to keep the cookies away from her, no matter what.

65. Cradle Attraction
Chuckie falls for a new girl, Megan, and they express their affection by picking on each other. When Chuckie catches Megan picking on another boy, he realizes that love comes and goes but he'll always have his rugrat buddies
Angelica's Moving Away
At first the Rugrats are glad to hear that Angelica's moving away, but Tommy thinks about the time they all first met, and how Angelica was instrumental in getting them to be friends. Finally, Drew announces they're not moving after all, and they all cheer.

66. Spike's Babies
Spike's behaviour gets a little bizarre when he secretly adopts a litter of kittens that he has stashed under the house.
Chicken Pops
The Rugrats catch the dreaded chicken pox.

67. Radio Daze
The Rugrats solve a mystery in a film-noire fantasy.
Psycho Angelica
Angelica convinces the Rugrats she can predict the future and sets out to fleece them of all their worldly goods.

68. America's Wackiest Home Movies
Stu and Drew get into a competition, trying to catch the antics of their respective children on tape to win a prize on a video show.
The 'Lympics
The Rugrats compete against the McNulty babies to save Angelica's gold necklace.

69. Carwash Monster
The Rugrats battle Angelica in a soapy drive-thru free-for-all
Tommy and his mystic guide, Sabu, journey with the Rugrats across a blacktop playground in a scorching heatwave to quench their thirst in "the land of many waters".

70. Angelica's Last Stand
The Rugrats are coerced into helping Angelica with a lemonade stand.
Clan of Duck
Chuckie and Phil discover that dresses are "cooler" than pants.

71. Faire Play
Bewitched by a Grandpa Lou tale, the Rugrats believe they have wished themselves into a fairy tale land. Little did they know they were on their way to a Medieval Fair when they wished it.
The Smell of Success
Chuckie acquires a heightened sense of smell and begins a new found life of freedom.

72. The Turkey Who Came To Dinner
The Pickles household is a frenzy of Thanksgiving preparations so much so that none of the adults notice the live turkey that was delivered as Grandpa Lou's canasta prize. After this strange bird runs amok throughout the Pickles home, then falls in love with Spike, Angelica tips the Rugrats to the turkey's Thanksgiving fate. It's not long before they put a plan into action to free the bird which backfires throwing the Pickles residence into a power outage. Without football, televised parades, and the ability to prepare the entire meal, the families realize the value of family togetherness at Thanksgiving.

73. Potty training Spike
Chuckie decides to teach Spike everything he is learning about bathroom etiquette himself.
The Art Fair
Angelica decides to take credit for the Rugrats' "abstract art work" and is hailed as an artist extraordinaire.

74. Send in the Clouds
The Rugrats mistakenly think that the early morning fog surrounding the house is Tommy's wish to be up in the clouds come true.
In The Navel
The Rugrats go on their first boating trip and attempt to rescue Cynthia when she goes overboard.

75. The Mattress
The Rugrats seek to rid the house of the monster they believe is in Granpa Lou's mattress before they sleep over for the night.
Looking for Jack
Charlotte's minivan breaks down on the way to taking the Rugrats to the Dummi Bear concert. Hearing that a jack is the only thing that can help them, the kids go to a nearby Italian restaurant looking for "Jack". The Jack they find is a questionable Italian "businessman" who happens to love the Dummi Bears.

76. Hiccups
Tommy gets the hiccups and Angelica volunteers to "scare" them away.
Autumn Leaves
The Rugrats think the trees are sick when they notice the leaves changing colour and falling. Tommy heads up a campaign to cure them.

77. Dust Bunnies
During Spring Cleaning, Tommy and Chuckie think that a dust bunny is an animal out to get them. Contains 3D Nogglevision segment
Educating Angelica
Angelica has "show and tell" at preschool where she must share her favourite toy. She is so reluctant to give up her Cynthia doll that she brings Tommy instead.

78. Ransom of Cynthia
Angelica schemes to get candy from the babies by pretending that her doll, Cynthia, has been kidnapped and she even resorts to sending bogus ransom notes.
Turtle Recall
The Rugrats get separated from their fathers in a department store and attempt to reunite a pet store turtle with its father --the department store fountain.

79. Angelica Orders Out
Stu's new invention, the "Pickles Voice Frequency Modulator 5000" --a toy which deepens children's voices-- falls into the wrong hands. Posing as her mother, Angelica racks up a huge bill at Zippy's Snappy Home Delivery Deli.
Let It Snow
After the Pickles decorate their house for their annual Christmas card photo (in August), the babies get confused and think it's actually Christmas and that Santa forgot them. They decide to remind Santa by writing to the TV weatherman and asking for it to snow. Their wish is inadvertently fulfilled when the laundry machine goes haywire and covers the house with soap flakes.

80. Angelica Nose Best
Angelica develops a quality conscience after waking up with a swollen nose from a mosquito bite. Thinking she will share the same fate as Pinocchio, she decides to turn over a new leaf and be completely honest.
Pirate Light
Thinking that the pilot light is a "pirate light" that keeps pirates away from their house, the babies wage war on the hapless repair man whom they assume is a pirate.

81. Grandpas' Bad Bug
When Lou sneaks home after an all-night pinochle tournament, he gets out of a day of yard work by saying he caught a "bad bug". the babies mistakenly think Lou ate a bug and try several home remedies --including putting good bugs all over him--to cure him.
Lady Luck
When Grandpa Lou brings the Rugrats to a Bingo game at the Senior Centre, the babies misunderstand his "date with Lady Luck" and when Lou starts losing, go off to look for her.

82. Crime and Punishment
Chas falls for a traffic cop. The Rugrats try to thwart the blossoming romance after Angelica informs them the police officers take babies away from their parents and put them behind bars.
Baby Maybe
Ben and Elaine are thinking about having a baby and baby-sit the Rugrats for one night as a test run

83. The The Word of the Day
Angelica tries to be the new junior assistant for "Miss Carol's Happy House". The fury flies when Angelica overhears Miss Carol bad "word of the day" and repeats it to the world.
Johnathan Babysits
Charlotte makes her long-suffering assistant, Johnathan, babysit the Rugrats while she digs up dirt on her competition at work. Johnathan, in turn, uses this opportunity to snoop around Charlotte's house for blackmail material. The babies help by literally digging up dirt while Angelica proves to be as much --if not more than-- a tyrant as her mother.

84. He Saw, She Saw
Chuckie falls for Emma, a little girl playing by herself at the park. The one problem is that she's the little sister of Big Binky, an over-protective (and very large) three year old.
Piggy's Pizza Palace
A Rugrats romp set at a Piggy's Pizza Palace.

85. Fugitive Tommy
Tommy is the victim of mistaken identity when a one-toothed baby wreaks havoc on the kids at the park. When the one-toothed baby destroys the family ball, the McNulty brothers organize an extensive manhunt to look for Tommy.
Visiting Aunt Miriam
Grandpa Lou plays poker with his eccentric cousin Miriam and her nutty friends. When the old ladies say Chuckie "looks good enough to eat", the Rugrats worry that the old ladies want to eat their friend.

86. The First Cut
Tommy is rattled when he gets his first haircut, but eventually learns that cuts do heal.
Chuckie Grows
The babies think Chuckie is growing after Grandpa Lou accidentally shrinks his clothes in the wash.

87. Uneasy Rider
Angelica takes Chuckie under her wing when he gets his first bike. Things get a little out of control when he is bullied into a game of chicken with another "big bike kid".
Where's Grandpa?
During a trip. the adults inadvertently leave Grandpa Lou stranded at a gas station. The Rugrats pull every trick in the book to make the car stop so Lou can catch up. Lou finally joins them for a romp at "North of the Border", a cheesy Canadian-themed tourist trap.

88. The Wild Wild West
In this Wild West fantasy, Wild Bill Hiccup (Tommy), Why-a-Burp (Chuckie), Clammy Jane (Susie), and Nakie Americans (Phil and Lil) form a posse to catch the evil Cactus Kate (Angelica) who stole all of their free ice cream coupons.
Angelica for a Day
After Angelica explains the expression "to be in the other guy's shoes", Tommy decides to make Chuckie braver by putting him in Angelica's shoes. But in an extended dream sequence,, Chuckie ends up with all of Angelica's obnoxious traits.

89. Babysitting Fluffy
Chas and Chuckie are forced to baby-sit Angelica's evil pet cat/look-alike, Fluffy, when Angelica and her family leave town.
Sleep Trouble
During a sleep over, Tommy and Chuckie fear the Sandman is coming to get them and set elaborate traps for him, which ultimately spring on Chas when he comes to check on Chuckie.

90. Journey to the Center...
The babies make a trek to the basement in order to save Chuckie's favourite Reptar Jr. toy. They get carried away and imagine themselves in the movie "Reptar Battles the Mole People".
A Very McNulty Birthday
When the Rugrats go to a birthday party at the McNulty's house, they are set against one another when Timmy McNulty tells the girls they can't play because they have cooties.

91. The Family Tree
Chas is working on the family tree. Tommy and Chuckie decide they're from the same tree and decide they're really brothers. Unfortunately, Chuckie --fuled by Angelica-- becomes jealous of the attention that Chas is giving his new brother and tries to make Tommy look bad. Didi then finds out she is pregnant.

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