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Rugrats Sound Files

These are wav files from some of the Rugrat cartoons. They are all from Tommy, Chucky, The Twins and Angelica.

New Angelica-Reject wav (42kb)New

New Angelica-Hopeless wav (32kb)New

Tommy-Baby Chuckie wav (34kb)

Angelica-Barf wav (56kb)

Angelica-Bob is witless wav (43kb)

Music-Fanfare wav (43kb)

Tommy-Idea wav (27kb)

Lil-Kiss movie wav (36kb)

Lil-Secrit mission wav (57kb)

Chuckie-Better wav (70kb)

Chuckiel-Right wav (38kb)

Lil-Quakulator wav (32kb)

Phil-Mud wav (51kb)

Charlotte-Get Along wav (46kb)

Angelica-New Toy wav (32kb)

Angelica-9 OClock wav (24kb)

Angelica-Ahhahaha wav (25kb)

Chuckie-Brake It wav (20kb)

Twins-Can't Angelica wav (21kb)

Angelica-Coller Pickin wav (23kb)

Angelica-Cookies wav (20kb)

Twins-Eat Em Up wav (23kb)

Tommy-Faces Off wav (31kb)

Chuckie-Forget It wav (20kb)

Tommy-Going On wav (17kb)

Chuckie-I'm Scared wav (22kb)

Angelica-Knuckle wav (22kb)

Tommy-Promis wav (30kb)

Tommy-Raptar wav (25kb)

All-Raptar Bar wav (28kb)

Twins-Raptar Eat wav (23kb)

Chuckie-What wav (44kb)

Angelica-Whole ruth wav (35kb)

Twins-Scarier wav (28kb)

Twins-See Raptar wav (26kb)

Chuckie-Throw up wav (36kb)

Music-Rugrat's Theme wav (387kb)

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