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Next Bardic meeting: Wednesday, August 11th, 1999

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This is the official homepage of Montreal's Bardic Circle. We are an offshoot of the Concordia University Pagan Society, based in Montreal, Canada. We hold meetings every second Wednesday, and all are welcomed. Bardic is free, although we do ask that you bring a bardic contribution in the form of a poem, story, or anything else arts-related. So come join us! A grand time is always had by all!

Webmaster Fyre,
Concordia University Pagan Society
Bardic Circle Guild.

For all inquiries about the page, Contact me, Webmaster Fyre, at,
For CUPS or Bardic specific info, Contact Bardic Organizer Laurie Mair, at

Concordia University Pagan Society can be reached by telephone in the Montreal area by dialing 514-848-7441.

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