My husband and I arrived at Kooper's at about 6:30 on Friday. I walked into the back and there they were, my buddies starting to feel no pain. We listened to the story of the Reed Diamond sighting and got better acquainted. Then I was told I had better move my car. I had parked it across the street at Mecca (the building where they film the show.) Had dinner (that's another story, but don't expect good service anywhere in Baltimore for dinner). Then some of us walked across the street to Mecca and tried to open the door and get in. Of course, we couldn't so we looked in the door and saw the stairs, etc. Then walked along the pier and Ted showed us the building where Luther got his.

At that point, the night was over for us. I was tired. The rest of the gang moved from Koopers to the Waterfront and kept bending their elbows. At 11:15 am on Saturday, we headed for the coffee shop and met Monica and were leisurely drinking coffee when Maura ran in and announced that Clark Johnson was at the Waterfront. I almost knocked my husband over and ran to him. God, is he beautiful. We all told him how much we loved him and the show. I was not exactly reserved. (I'm sure you will hear more about my performance from the rest of the gang). Clark then left and mentioned he was going to a golf tournament (and he doesn't play golf).

We headed back to the coffee shop and Monica and I got on line. I wanted to buy Maura coffee to thank her. The other Maura walked in and then I noticed Clark ahead of us in line. More of us went in and talked to him. I then took a picture of him and he called me "The Stalker". Just before he left I asked if he went on the web and knew about the newsgroup. THE ANSWER IS NO. He knew nothing about our convention, nothing about the web site devoted to him. He asked if I was this crazy about the rest of the cast and I admitted I didn't like Falsone. He said he was a nice guy and when I asked why the hell Falsone was in the Box with Frank and Mikey, he stared and said, "Boy, you are a fan." He also asked about the great badges Maura had made us. More about that when she gets home. When Clark left, we went outside to wait for the rest of the gang. Cheryl was really upset that she had missed Clark. My husband and I walked over the the Admiral T to see the tee shirts.

When I realized no one had come to meet us, I went back down the street. There he was, talking to the gang. I yelled. "Mikey" and he smiled at me and shook my hand. I was in shock and had my picture taken with him. Someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Judy, he is not alone." I yelled again, "MICHELLE FORBES". She was so beautiful, not wearing any makeup and as nice as she could be. When I mentioned that my husband loved her, one of the ladies ran to get him. (I'm dead tired and can't remember who it was). Jim was excited to see Michelle and Reed. They were as gracious and charming as Clark was and we then let them go and have lunch. And Mikey told us "It was a righteous shoot." (attn: Dave Locke) He said every cop he has talked to agreed with him. We walked over to get the bus.

Although we were not a big group (23 on the bus) we managed to have 2 Cheryls and 2 Mauras. So, when I spoke of them, I mentioned one and not the other. Honestly, we have the nicest group of folks on this ng (snarky or whatever). My husband is disabled and everyone was wonderful to him.

But, since I'm not a good storyteller, someone else will have to tell you who did what. Also, since I am not the quiet type, there will be many stories about my interaction with Clark, Michelle and Reed. I left out the fact that Clark Johnson was so nice, not stuck-up at all. And much thinner and handsomer (not a word, I know) than he is on screen.

Reed and Michelle were so nice to us, so unassuming, that I am still in shock. When I went to shake Reed's hand, he hugged me. And insisted we take 2 pictures together so if one didn't come out, the other one would. Now, if I was a young good looking chick, the hug wouldn't suprise me, but I will never see 50 again. He just likes his fans and appreciates them. Michelle had no make-up on and looked great. Obviously, she doesn't have a super-sized ego.

Cheryl (BubbazMom) and Kathy (KWLAW1) really worked hard to get us a wonderful tour and an interesting dinner.

As I said before we walked to the Admiral Fell Inn (Isn't that a great name?) to catch the bus. It was very late, because the VCR on board died and they had to go out and buy another one. Cheryl had many conversations with the guide and he watches HLOTS, but isn't as into it as we are. Plus, he didn't see the first couple of seasons. However, he gave us a great tour.

We started with Henderson's Wharf where Mikey kept his boat. Then Knight's Laundromat where the AIDS guy got pumped full of bleach. Then we saw Loading Dock Liquors where Bayliss does his famous 11cents bit. Then we went to find Frank's house.

My first highlight was the Subway Station where "Subway" was filmed. It was not downtown, but at Johns Hopkins Hospital. We all got out of the bus and went downstairs to see it. I know the people in the kiosk thought we were nuts, taking pictures of train tracks, so I tried to explain who we were. The attendant told me he had been there during the shooting and that others had come by looking for the site. The security guard was laughing when I told her that I met Clark Johnson.

Back onto the bus and we tried to find the alley where Adena Watson was found. Bad neighborhood, folks! We went to Cathedral of the Incantation from Something Sacred. Then went to the Boy's Latin School from True Test. Then on to Druid Hill Park where Luther shot his lieutenant with the cops watching. We had to guess where the building was that the cops were in at the time.

Then, for me, the highlight of the tour. Eutaw Place where Bayliss was shot. We saw the house. Bill, who belongs to the Board but not the newsgroup (yet), asked the owner if this was the house where the shooting was filmed. When she said yes, he asked if we could see the back yard and she let us. She had to go somewhere, so we only had 5 minutes. But, it was great! Then we saw the field where the perp was shot (It was right behind the house).

What was really neat was that we played the VCR and could see the actual places we were visiting on the show. We saw the Hotel Stafford where the officers were shot in "The City that Bleeds". We saw the real Police HQ and City Hall and the buildings that are used for the Courthouse. The famous scene where the judge got knifed ... there's no phone booth. It was a prop. We saw Baltimore's Washington Monument where "Sniper" was filmed. Then we saw some pigtown locations from "Shaggy Dog, City Goat" and the real ME's office. The tour guide told us all about Baltimore and it's history and even drove us past the Babe Ruth Museum. Then we went to Federal Hill where Falsone and Meldrick looked for the girlfriend who was jogging on "Subway".

The scariest part was FlopHouse Courts where Luther had his office and neighborhood center from "Damage Done." That is an awful part of town. We also saw Camden Yards, the Ravens' Stadium and the Inner Harbor. We got back to Fell's Point about 5:30 and met at the Waterfront with the documentary film maker.

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