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Because of time constraints and other commitments, my sister and I were only able to attend the tour on Saturday. It was so worth it! First off, it was really nice to meet everyone and finally put some names to faces. We arrived in Fell's Point around 11:30, so we had some time to kill before meeting up with the group. We went over to the building where they shoot and were just excited to be soaking up the atmosphere. (Kathryn had to hit me a few times, but it didn't really get me to calm down.)

We eventually wandered across the street to investigate the Waterfront, and other places on that side of the street. We were attempting to find someone with a badge to run up to and introduce ourselves to. {Maura, those badges were kick-ass!!!} Kathryn and I were hanging out outside the Daily Grind when Maura (the other Maura) came running up the street yelling that Clark Johnson was down at the Waterfront. Judy came bolting out of the coffee shop and was down the block in a heartbeat. So Kathryn and I just joined in with the group, and that was how we first met the gang.

Clark Johnson seemed overwhelmed by the sheer number of people accosting him, but he was so nice to everyone and took pictures with everyone who asked. He had just come by the Waterfront to pick something up, and we lucked out managing to meet him. Eventually he had to go play golf, so we chatted amongst ourselves and headed back up to the Daily Grind. But when we got there, who was on line buying himself some coffee? Yup, Clark. So a few more people who hadn't met him down at the Waterfront got to talk to him too. The best was the expression on Maura's face when we insisted she go over and get some coffee and she spotted him. Kathryn got me motivated, and I went over to get his autograph. He was just so nice.

So now we're hanging out. It's about 12:15 and we're getting the group together to go down to the Admiral Fell Inn and wait for the bus, when Jenn, totally cool and collected, and very nonchalantly says, "Here comes Reed Diamond." I thought she was joking because we knew some people had met him the night before. But there he was, walking down the street hand-in-hand with Michelle Forbes.

Again we descended. I don't know who was the first one to speak up, but pretty soon the 15-20 or so of us were chatting away with them. I know it's been said about Homicide cast members before, but I just can't stress it enough, just how gracious and genuine they both were. I don't know what I'd do if I was walking down the street intending to take my girlfriend out to lunch when a bunch of fans surrounded us and started talking.

And the neat thing was that they both seemed totally surprised that there were fans like us out there, and that we had traveled so far just to see the Homicide sights of Baltimore. Maura, I don't know if you noticed, but Reed was reading everyone's badges and getting a total kick out of them. I asked Reed for an autograph and handed him the paper that Clark had signed earlier. So he starts to write it out when he looks up and says, "You saw Clark?" So I start telling him about the golf tournament like Clark and I are best friends. I totally felt like I was in the twilight zone.

Then I asked him for a picture and dragged my sister over. He stood between us with his arms around us. I put the pictures in an hour photo store and will have them back this afternoon!! He was just the nicest guy. He is totally adorable in person, and is very thin. Clark Johnson is also much thinner in person, and unbelievably handsome!

While all this is going on, people are also talking to Michelle. She is absolutely beautiful. She also seemed very taken aback that we take Homicide so seriously, but was talking to everyone. Someone mentioned our motto, "Fontana you f***ing bastard" - her jaw dropped then she laughed like she agreed. Reed just looked shocked. Then Michelle was reading the Unofficial Companion (I think it was Melissa's book. She was prepared!) and she kept calling Reed over to point out pictures or read out loud to him some stuff about the two of them in the book. She kept saying, "Where did this guy get all this stuff." She was amused, but a little concerned, I think.

It really amazed me how seriously both Michelle and Reed answered every question. Of course, the question on everyone's mind was ... was the Luther Mahoney shoot clean? I think Bill asked Reed, and he made a face like "isn't it obvious?" He said yes, he definitely thought it was a clean shoot. Then someone asked him if he knew why Meldrick wasn't able to back him up, and he sounded kinda sad when he said, "I'll never know." (Leads me to believe that this is not something that gets resolved in the two-parter.)

After about a half-hour of chatting (and stopping traffic on both the sidewalk and the street), someone asked "What projects do you have coming up? What are your plans?" And Michelle answered, "Lunch." So with much hand-shaking, waving and "Thank you"s they headed up the block and we headed in the opposite direction. A number of people mentioned the address for the ng, so I hope they wander over here at some point and read about just how great we think they are.

If the bus had never shown up, and we had to end the day right there, I would've gone home a happy camper.


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