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50  backstreet boys facts

 1.  Backtreet Boys recieved their very first Triple Platinum award thanks to their loyal fans in Canada-especially in the lovely city of Montreal.
2.  Backstreet Boys won the 1996 Select Award from MTV Europe, beating out such tough competition as Spice Girls, Oasis, Jamiroquai, and Boyzone.
3.  The Backstret Boys are named after Orlando, Florida's open-air shopper's paradise, the Backstreet Market.
4.  Nick and Brian usually share a hotel room when they are on the road.
5.  AJ still doesn't have his drivers license ! He's been touring so much, he hasn't had time to go and take the written test again.
6.  Kevin takes an envelope filled with pictures of his family when he goes on the road.
7.  In March, AJ sprained his ankle when he was caught in a crush of fans at Musique Plus, Montreal's own version of MTV.  He managed to perform that night and later allowed a Montreal radio station to auction off the cast fo charity.
8.  Whenever they are in a foreign city, Howie and Kevin like to try the local food, while Nick, Brian, and AJ search out the closest McDonalds.
9.  According to an informal poll of the boys, Brian keeps his room the messiest, while Howie is Mr. Neat.
10.  Who's the most likely to loose his luggage on a trip to Europe ? Backstreet Boys' survey says Howie, who as on many occasions, arrived at his destination with only the clothes on his back.
11.  Nick is mose definitely the prankster of the group.  "I like to do anything I can think of to those guys," he says with a mischievous grin.
12.  What's the most evil prank Nicky has ever pulled?  He thinks it was the time he gave their Manager, Donna Wright gum which tasted like fish.
13.   The two Backstreet Boys who are most likely to get into a  friendly argument are Kevin and Nick.
14.   Howie is most likely to find a peaceful solution for the argument. "He's Mr. Mediator," says A.J.
15.   The biggest flirt award goes to A.J.! "I like girls, I'm not  gonna say I don't," he says. But, he also says he's the  most likely to serenade a special someone with a song.
16.   The guys all say that Brian is the most shy of the group.
17.   Everyone also thinks that Brian is the Backstreet Boy most  likely to get married first.
18.         Part of the Backstreet Boys debut album was recorded at  Platinum Post studios in Altamonte, Florida.
19.    The Boys unanimously agree that they'd love to harmonize  with Boys II Men.
20.    Howie has been known to set up double dates for himself and his sister Pollyanna.
21.   Brian is the Backstreet Boy most likely to go to church on Sunday.
22.  A.J. admits that he spends a large portion of his life at home on the phone.
23.    Howie loves to go out clubbing.
24.   Nick likes to draw comic book characters.
25.    Shhh! Don't tell a soul, but when Howie doesn't want to be   recognized, he wears a baseball cap!
26.  A.J. claims that he still gets nervous before starting every new song in concert.
27.  Howie never goes to bed without doing his push ups and stomach crunches.
28.  On their current tour, Kevin plays keyboards, Nick plays drums, and AJ is thumpin on the bass guitar.
29.   A.J. is rarely seen without his sunglasses.
30.  Nick is a licensed scuba diver and loves driving his family's boat on the gulf of Mexico.
31.   Howie runs around video taping everything and everybody  when they are on tour.
32.   Backstreet Boys have been banned from three hotels in   Europe because their fans have gotten so out of control.
33.  A.J. carries a travel diary with him on tour, although he rarely writes in it.
34.   Nicks favorite cars are Cameros and Stingrays.
35.   Kevin's secret nicknames are Boo and Pumpkin.
36.  When he's home, Brian sleeps in his king sized waterbed which he bought for $50.
37.   Howie admits that he's something of a perfectionist.
38.  In his pre-Backstreet Boys days, Kevin worked at Disney MGM Studios playing Aladdin.
39.  When you hear someone hitting those amazing high notes  in a Backstreet Boys song, that's Howie.
40.  Their debut album Backstreet Boys, was released in Europe on May 5, 1996.
41.   A.J. admits that he's the biggest worry-wart of the group.
42.  Nick started playing the drums when he was 14.
43.    Halloween is Nick's favorite holiday.
44.   Kevin hates people who are arrogant.
45.    A.J. collects hats.
46.  Last Fall, Nick's dad had to put a fence around the family's  house to keep Backstreet Boys' fans from taking clumps of  grass or picking flowers as souvenirs.
47.   Kevin would love to star in a movie one day.
48.  Half-Irish, half-Puerto Rican Howie doesn't speak Spanish at  home, he learned it in school.
49.  Brian's worst habit is biting his nails.
50.  Nick says that he would definitely date a fan.

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