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Schaghticoke Bassmasters Club News

Our name is in Honor of the first Fisherman in this area "The Schaghticoke Indians"

On OCTOBER 25th 2007 we finally got the web site back after many years of neglect, lost passwords and canned responses from the host site for correcting the problems, they need to protect sites but they need to listen sometimes also. 

I am now in the process of trying to make repairs and update the site. I know there are some broken links and as I figure things out I will either repair or delete them. Things are starting to go a little smoother for me, but this is a totally new learning experience.. I welcome comments suggestions, and constructive criticism..


This has been a tough year for us. We lost a beloved member Bill Corbin SR, at the end of  2006. He was always there to teach and help everyone, a friend to all . His presense is greatly missed and will be for some time to come. 

We also had several members retire last year . To add to this feeling of being lost and floundering around  we changed affiliation to FLW/TBF from ESPN/CBFN So though we carry on the tradition of a club that was started many years ago most of the membership is fairly new.. I had been a dual affiliated member since the beginning of The FLW ..ESPN split along with a couple of other members. But the majority of the club wanted to go with FLW. So that is the way it went..If you are looking for a club that will recognize dual affiliation all we need is a couple more members and a person to be the Federation Representative for The CBFN monthly meetings.


Schaghticoke Bassmasters Very own Mike Wiston Was one of the major organizers of the Bryan Kerchal Fish camp this year along with the new Director Jennifer Sposta and help from the Green Knolls YMCA camp. James Schilke also took the week off to assist And Lee Johnson helped on Thursday and Friday..If I missed someone from the club I am sorry..


The looks on these kids faces when you get them hooked up to a 3-4 lb Bass is incredible. That is the way to create new anglers for tomorrow Smiles and good times..


Schaghticoke Bassmasters Had two members make the TBF of CT 2007 state team Rich Baker and Lee Johnson. Rich placed 52cd overall and Lee placed 69th, Vowing to do better next year. It was a new LakeFor both of them as well as a challenge due to dropping water levels. They were pulling water every day and had lowered the level by at least 15 feet.. There was more than one prop that was damaged during that week of competition. There are giant stone walls every 100 feet as each landowner has moved the rocks so they can have a beach. In many areas some of those rocks were just under the surface making an ideal area to fish just not such a good area for the boats as the depth would change suddenly .