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Related Sites

Listed below are Web sites I have viewed and found to provide great support and reference information. The italicized text reflects my own remarks, and the remaining information is provided by the organization.

Should you happen to come across any others that are not mentioned here, please let me know so that I may post them as well.

AboutFace International
Canadian based organization with 20 US chapters. Exceptional resource for educational, emotional & community support -- offering a generous list of related organizations.
Organization providing information and emotional support to individuals and their families affected by facial differences and disfigurements.

This nationwide organization led by Executive Director, Debbie Oliver, (who I regard to be an inspired visionary) is a personal favorite. Mark your calendars now to attend the 2009 North American Craniofacial Family Conference: July 19-22 in Las Vegas! Please visit their site for more information.
Provides great support and resources to individuals and their families affected by facial difference and disfigurements.

Angel Faces
This organization really hits home and is one that I hold in high regard since I can strongly relate to its purpose, wishing it was available years ago when I had to deal with facial difference as a teen. The Founder & Director Lesia Cartelli is truly an "angel."
Based in Encinitas, California, the mission of this non profit organization is to provide healing retreats and ongoing support to adolescent girls with severe facial disfigurements -- inspiring them to achieve their optimum potential while developing meaningful relationships for themselves, family and communities.

Changing Faces
Excellent source of support services: one-on-one counseling, workshops, networking. Committed to raising public awareness of facial disfigurement.
UK-based charity giving support and information to people with facial disfigurement and other facial differences and their families, and the professionals who work with them.

Children's Craniofacial Association
Truly the best organization in the country for parents & families of children with craniofacial disorders. Offers a unique experience with an annual retreat for the family with their National Spokesperson, Cher.
A national, nonprofit organization, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals with facial disfigurements and their families.

FACES -- The National Craniofacial Association
A must-see providing great information on financial aid and health insurance advise. Offers an excellent list of medical centers nationwide that specialize in craniofacial reconstruction.
Support and resources concerning craniofacial disorders including information on 28 specific craniofacial disorders. Financial assistance for secondary costs. USA based organization

Friendly Faces
Love their offering of an on-line doc (specialist in pediactric, plastic, cleft & craniofacial reconstructive surgery) to submit any medical questions to.
Resource and network of individuals with facial differences with details for parents, friends, and health care providers.

John Hopkins Center for Craniofacial Development & Disorders
A direct connect to a Baltimore based facility that provides a team of specialists in craniofacial disorders.
Provides information on research, education and clinical care for researchers and physicians. An educational interactive resource for families.

Let's Face It: Facial Differences Information and Support Network
A one-time shop, offering comprehensive lists of resources covering medical issues, support groups, related literature, etc.
A nonprofit network for people with facial difference, their families, friends and professionals. We link professionals, patients, and communities to each other and to networks, books, and articles.

Parry Romberg Foundation
Whether or not you or someone you know has been affected by this condition, this site is a must read! I was completely unaware of Parry Romberg until I met Kelley Sperry and her family last year at the annual AboutFace USA Conference in Las Vegas. Like so many rare facial disorders, this one is in dire need of research and community support. I hope that once you read Kelley's story you will want to make a donation and share with friends and family the urgency to find a cure or means to stop the symptoms of this condition in its tracks!
The Parry Romberg Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop and provide resources for research, advocacy, education, and support for persons with Parry Romberg Syndrome, their families, doctors, and communities.

For Your Health, Your Beauty:
Informed Beauty
On this site, Kat James will teach and guide you to a healthier lifestyle, which, if followed, can lead to a more beautiful you, inside and out. I was an immediate believer/follower. One who became a quick advocate of Kat's sage advisement and product referrals. Her life example is an inspiration!
Kat James is a holistic health and beauty expert, known nationwide for the remarkable research and advice she continues to update and offer through her workshops, columns and information-packed book, The Truth about Beauty.

Natural Cover
Linda Seidel is the creator of a line of exceptional skin care, corrective foundation (otherwise known as Natural Cover) makeup products that I have used and highly endorse. Natural Cover is a smooth, creamy, light foundation that, in an instant, will disguise just about any skin discoloration you may have. Her other, beauty enhancing products are second to none. A personal favorite, when it comes to her line of lipsticks is the shade “mocha” – a beautiful rose/brown every day into night shade. Visit her site for more information and for access to her full line of products.
Through innovative application techniques, specialized cosmetic products and a humanitarian approach to business, Linda has personally transformed the daily lives of thousands of women, children, and men over the last twenty years. Her unique approach to corrective makeup has been recognized and applauded by medical professionals, the cosmetics industry, the media, and most of all, by her clients.

Non-invasive Enhancements:
Center for Custom Prosthetics
If you have suffered from the loss of an eye, nose, ear, hand, fingers or breast and dream of restoration which cannot be surgically performed to resemble their original appearance, then I would strongly recommend you visit this site...and be amazed!
David Trainer and Raymond Peters lead this Center -- both Maxillofacial Prosthetists. With 25 years of experience in prosthetic rehabilitation, David is world-renowned for his work, mastering techniques which not only improve the color of silicone to exactly match human tissue, but has also created "disappearing edges" allowing the prosthesis to truly blend with the skin giving little notice of where the devise begins and ends. Raymond Elia Peters is another who knows how to create a prosthesis with color and design integrity that are unmatched. His specialties: Craniofacial & Ocular prosthetics.